15 Adorable Dobby Tattoos

While many know him as the cute little creature from Harry Potter, others know him as their friend’s weird tattoo. In fact, even though Dobby doesn’t play a huge role in the movie and is just a sad little goblin, a lot of Harry Potter enthusiasts choose to have him tattooed on their body over the other characters. Whether this is because of Dobby’s cuteness, or because of the humorous responses they will receive, the tattoos themselves look great, and are showcased below for you to see.

1. A Nice Colorless, Doby Face Shot Tattoo

Though Dobby is usually in a sad mood, he seems to be pretty happy here!

A Nice Colorless, Dobby Face Shot Tattoo

2. Dobby, Looking A Little Upset

Here is a much more accurate depiction of him..

Dobby, Looking A Little Upset

3. A Realistically Colored Dobby Tattoo

This one may be weird to those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter series, however, the coloring is very realistic, and there are even some neat stars below it.

A Realistically Colored Dobby Tattoo

4. Dobby, A Free Elf Tattoo

A rather serious looking Dobby, with one of his best quotes posted below him!

Dobby, A Free Elf Tattoo

5. The Full Body Of Dobby

Since he is so small, it’s rather easy to fit his entire body in one tattoo – another great benefit of Dobby tattoos.

The Full Body Of Doby

6. Dobby, Angry and In A Frame

Though he does look angry, the tattoo is very original, thanks to the unique frame around his head!

Dobby, Angry and In A Frame

7. Dobby Ankle Tattoo Outline

Even just the outline of this tattoo looks great, and judging by it’s size/placement, it was probably quick and painless.

Dobby Ankle Tattoo Outline

8. Dobby, Holding A Sock and Surrounded By Pink Smoke

Real Harry Potter fans should certainly get the reference here..

Dobby, Holding A Sock and Surrounded By Pink Smoke

9. Dobby Memorial Tattoo

Sad, but also very well done!

Dobby Memorial Tattoo

10. Cartoon Dobby

Not very realistic, but still a neat design. In fact, this tattoo’s cartoony feel gives it a lot of uniqueness over the others.

Cartoon Dobby

11. Dobby Hanging On The Chandelier 

“Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure.”

Dobby Hanging On The Chandelier

12. Another Great Dobby “Free Elf” Tattoo

As you can see, Dobby “free elf” tattoos are rather popular amongst Potter fans.

Another Great Dobby “Free Elf” Tattoo

13. “Do Not Dwell On Dreams and Forget To Live’

Another great quote, used by Dobby in the very first Harry Potter movie.

“Do Not Dwell On Dreams and Forget To Live”

14. Fully Grey Ink Dobby Leg Tattoo

Much like some of the other designs above, no color is needed to make it look great!

Fully Grey Ink Dobby Leg Tattoo

15. Dobby Forearm Tattoo

A nice forearm tattoo of Dobby holding Harry’s glasses.

Dobby Forearm Tattoo

Though you may not be interested in a Dobby tattoo yourself, you can’t deny that they are funny, cute, and neat to look at!

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