14 Creative Self Made Tattoo Design Ideas

Wildly popular amongst those with a DIY mindset, self made tattoo designs are a great way of showing the world just how independent you are. Not only do self made tattoos give off a bold meaning and high sense of self, but they also can be done in just about any font, and are very easy for artists to customize. In fact, many “self made” individuals will even add in their favorite colors or quotes to help customize the tattoo and better display their personality.

Though there are a lot of different styles, fonts, and colors to choose from when designing your self made tattoo, the creative process should be fun, and with some neat images to help you decide on the exact style you want, it shouldn’t take too long at all. Below is a list of 14 self made tattoo design ideas, aimed at sparking interest in those wanting to create their own designs, while also presenting readers with some neat imagery to look at.

1. Self Made Knuckle Tattoo

As you may have guessed, the knuckles are a very common place for self made tattoo designs. Since each word has four letters and self made individuals rarely depend on others, the knuckles work perfectly, and the design rarely needs to be hidden.

Self Made Knuckle Tattoo

2. Self Made Stomach Tattoo

Proven by the image below, the stomach is another great place for self made designs, and for tattoo lettering in general.

Self Made Stomach Tattoo

3. A Very Nice Self Made Chest Piece Tattoo Design

It may have taken a few sessions to finish, however, this design is very bold, and straight to the point!

A Very Nice Self Made Chest Piece Tattoo Design

4. Self Made Or Never Made

As opposed to going with the normal wording, this person used a self made quote.

Self Made Or Never Made

5. Self Made Inner Arm Tattoo

Though inner arm tattoos can be painful to get, they certainly look great once they’re finished.

Self Made Inner Arm Tattoo

6. Another Great Self Made Arm Tattoo

This time, in a rather bold and much more noticeable font!

Another Great Self Made Arm Tattoo

7. Self Made Outer Forearm Tattoo

Equipped with a boxing glove and some nicely done shading, this design certainly stands out well.

Self Made Outer Forearm Tattoo

8. Black and Red Self Made Knuckle Tattoo

A very unique font, and a very nice color-scheme, proving that self made tattoos look great on both men and women.

Black and Red Self Made Knuckle Tattoo

9. Grey Ink

The font is almost unreadable, however, the tattoo is very unique. Maybe he just has bad handwriting?

Grey Ink

10. Self Made Underwater Diver

This underwater diver holding a rose makes for perhaps the most unique design on the list, and proves just how customized self made tattoos can be.

Self Made Underwater Diver

11. Self Made Hand Tattoos

Self made hand tattoos are certainly great choice, as long as you don’t have a boss to report to..

Self Made Hand Tattoos

12. A Self Made Head Tattoo

From self made to unemployed in one single sitting..

A Self Made Head Tattoo

13. Self Made Black Ink Finger Tattoos

Different from most other finger based tattoos, this unique design is done in all black ink and takes up every knuckle.

Self Made Black Ink Finger Tattoos

14. Another Nice Self Made Outer Forearm Tattoo

This time, with some neat background shading and a rather distinct font.

Another Nice Self Made Outer Forearm Tattoo

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