The Rock’s Tattoo and 6 More Wrestling Case Studies

The world of professional wrestling is in all essence just one big soap opera for men. Any organization that features a group of muscle-bound meatheads who get into confrontations involving women, money, championships and pride on a regular basis is going to breed a lot of contempt. One of the coolest things about professional wrestling are the tattoo designs that a lot of wrestlers sport all over their bodies.

Former wrestler, The Rock’s tattoo is just one example of some of the beautiful ink that wrestlers in the WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor and several different indie promotions wear to the ring with just as much pride as their many championship belts.

The Rock

The Rock, who is arguably the most famous and successful professional wrestler of all time, sports several tribal tattoos up and down his arm, on his shoulder and on his chest. The Rock’s tattoo is deeply symbolic of his Samoan heritage and honors the Samoan culture and the rich tradition of Samoan professional wrestlers.
The Rock

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is not only an intimidating professional wrestler, but he is one of the baddest UFC fighters to ever step into the octagon. Brock has several tattoos, but his most famous is a sword tattoo with a grenade on the end that runs up and down the middle of his chest.

The Undertaker

One of the first wrestlers to walk down the ring with full arm sleeves, The Undertaker used his tattoos to strike fear in the hearts of his opponents. His arms are adorned with several frightening images like demons, skulls and dragons.

CM Punk

CM Punk is the current rebel of professional wrestling, and he walks to the ring covered from head to toe in tattoo designs. Punk’s most famous tattoos include a Pepsi logo on his arm and the words “DRUG FREE” tattooed on his knuckles that indicate his straight-edge lifestyle.
CM Punk

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is a wrestler who is always looking to take his appearance to the next crazy level in order to match his high-flying style. His coolest tattoo design is that of a dragon wrapped around a tree that starts on his back and works its way up and down his arm.
jeff hardy
Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton

Randy Orton used to portray a clean-cut narcissist on WWE programming, but made the transition to a crazy, maniacal bad guy a couple of years ago. He wears full arm sleeves and has several intimidating pieces on his back.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is a wrestler who has found crossover success as a rock singer for the band Fozzy. He is new to the tattoo scene, but is working on a full-blown sleeve on his left arm that already features bicep, forearm and wrist tattoos.

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