20 Stylish Rihanna Tattoos

Who does not know about Robyn Rihanna Fenty or simply “Rihanna”? Apart from her successful music career what makes her the talk of the town is her love for tattoos. Rihanna Tattoos are quite exemplary and unique. Rihanna has a discrete taste for tattoos and she knows where to place her tattoos to put them on display. She loves to go out and show off her tattoos and let the paparazzi take pictures of them. That way, she is always going to be brought up in the media, because everyone likes to speculate about her tattoos, what they mean, etc…

As you may know, Rihanna has already had 14 tattoos put on her body that run from her to toe. Check out Rihanna’s 14 Tattoos with their meaning and appreciate her love for tattoo art with us. You may go through this list of Rihanna tattoos and find some inspiration for a tattoo of your own that you could get. If so, you could print out a picture of the Rihanna tattoo that you like and take it to a tattoo artist. They will definitely be able to replicate the design for you. Either way, enjoy these Rihanna tattoos that we have collected and put in the list below for you.


Left Ear

Rihanna has a “Star” In her left ear. An unique place to for a tattoo, right?

Rihanna Tattoos

Right Ear

Rihanna has a “Pisces Sign” behind right ear although you need eagle eyes to see it as its hidden behind her hair most of the time.

Rihanna Tattoos


The script reads “rebelle fleur” which means rebellious flower in french.

Rihanna Tattoos


“Never a failure, always a lesson” motto in mirror writing

Rihanna Tattoos

Left Shoulder

This date in roman numerals on her shoulder “XI-IV-LXXXVI” is her love for her assistant Melissa Forde’s birthday date. Melissa has also donned a similar tattoo with Rihanna’s birthday date on her body.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos


“A Trail of Stars” going down from neck to her back looks so beautiful and elegant.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos

Right Ribcage Area

She has an Arabic phase which means “Freedom Is God”

Rihanna Tattoos

Left Ribcage Area

“A Handgun” tattoo is what Rihanna flaunts on her ribs.

Rihanna Tattoos

Left Middle Finger

Rihanna has got a charming way to show anyone her middle finger and no body would get her wrong as she has mentioned the Word ‘love’ On her middle finger.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos

Right Index Finger

The Phrase “Shhh…” is a unique way to ask someone to keep quiet.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos

Right Hand

Rihanna has got inked a “Henna-Style Dragon Claw” on her right hand.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos

Hip Area

Rihanna has also got a sanskrit prayer asking for “Forgiveness, Truth, repression, Calmness” in the form of an Tattoo on her hip area.

Rihanna Tattoos

Above Ankle Area

Rihanna has also got an tattoo placed slightly above her ankle. This tattoo is a cute skull with crossed bones and a pink hair bow.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos


As she belongs to Music industry, her passion for music is shown in the way of a “Music Note” on her ankle.

Rihanna Tattoos

So, there you have it. You have hit the end of the list of Rihanna tattoos. I hope you have enjoyed the list and learned more about Rihanna, as well as the tattoos that she has on her body. Maybe you were even able to find some inspiration for your own tattoo. Either way, we hope you enjoyed the post!

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  • wedehhhhh…
    weirdo with a lots of tattoos :D

    • kristyn

      she is not weird shes sexy

  • Jessie H

    The one on her right hand isnt a ‘henna style dragon claw thing whatever you called it, its a NZ maori tattoo that she got in Auckland. Its just a design representing strenth and love.

    • hailee

      actually im from NZ and im also maori and in no way, shape or form is that a maori tattoo. yeah she got it when she came over here, but she NEVER said it was a maori taa moko. google them, they look nothing like that!

      • LEI

        agree w hailee that is def not a tamoko, i may have similar patterns but the style of the patterns isnt ‘maori style’

  • Chris

    I like these tattoos… It’s cool drawed tattoo on right ear.. Rihanna seems full of tattoos

    • Glutes That Salute

      Yeah except it’s in her left ear DJ!!!!

  • Dawood

    الحرية في المسيح it means freedom in Jesus!

  • mohd

    wrong translation from English to arabic

    it means “freedom in Jesus”!! ,,, it should be الحرية هي الإله

  • Prime Time

    Shes such a Talented Beautiful Artist

  • Riri

    Actually the Arabic writing is not “Freedom is God”. I am Arab and can read that and it states “Freedom in Jesus”. Get it right people.

  • stephnie sahadat

    I like does tattoos …. It’s cool n hot esp.. the stars on her neck way down to her back … i jus dreamin abut getin one like tat after skool

  • A.C

    new tattoo masonic symbol…and she wonders why the illuminati rumours keep following her. Control ur life and image Riri-the industry will eat u alive like it did whitney and spit u out when u are no longer of use-not the kind of industry where money eventually buys u freedom-slavary is over even 4 highly paid slaves in the 21 century pushing an agenda they will never buy their way into-ur not in the club-just a pawn to influence the masses with-GOD IS UR SOURCE


  • hi

    i like this she has some kool tatoos! i love rihanna

  • Rita

    Rihanna rocks amazing tattoos. Especially Shh… n Love I m gonna get those done

  • i love rihanna, she is so sexy and an amazing singer i love you rihanna !!!!!!!!!!!

  • mini

    i love the tattoo on her back

  • susma

    rihanna neck tattoo rock

  • ta’najah

    love the tats rihanna

  • Riri rocks. She knws hw to wear her tattoos. She’s amazingly sexy.

  • Jai

    Well indeed that’s very stylish. It suits her popularity. ^^

  • Ben Stuart

    The skull one is cute!

    • Yeah, I do agree with. I too liked the skull one.

  • mpoooomehhhh

    I am crazy. About. Her tattoos