15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on the ribs is the sexiest body art, but it is also the one, demanding immense courage and conviction. Fanatics may be easily tempted to get a rib tattoo following several celebrities, who have brought rib tattoos quite in vogue. For instance, Megan Fox’s tattoo on her left rib is among the most popular celebrity tattoos. If you too are searching for a design to style your ribs, then you have dropped by a right place.

Rib tattoos not necessarily have to be weird and out of the box, you can also divert your creative juices to think of something subtle and tasteful. You can search for something meaningful, which can reflect your personality. It should be something, which accentuates your style when you’ve slipped into a sexy silhouette dress, which might be showing off your tattoo. Take a look at some fantastic rib tattoo designs in the list below.

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Phoenix And Orchid Rib Tattoo

phoenix and orchid rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Gorgeous Rib Tat Showing Heavenly Combination Of Phoenix And Orchid

Angel Wing Quote

angel wing quote rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Sensuous Angel Wing Rib Piece

Heart Matters Rib Tattoo

heart matters rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Beautiful Lines Telling The Heart’s Story Inked As A Rib Tattoo

Music In the Ribs

music rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Music-inspired Rib Tattoo

Roses And A Life Perception

rose rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Enigmatic Art Piece Showing Roses And Words Of Depth

Trust Your Heart

trust your heart rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Rib Tattoo Rendered With Bold And Beautiful Expressions And Colors

Dangerous Love Rib Cage Tattoo

love rib cage tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Gothic Style Love Rib Cage Tattoo

Dove And Orchids Rib Tattoo

dove with orchids 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Lovely Rib Piece Adorned With Orchids And Messenger Of Love And Peace

Sunflowers Rib Tattoo

sunflowers rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Sunflowers Rib Tattoo Symbolising Prosperity And Bright Days

Ribcage Star Tattoo

ribcage start tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Fashionably Rendered With Pink And Purple Tinge Ribcage Star Tattoo

Scream Your Heart Out

scream your heart out rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Bold And Passion-Driven “Scream Your Heart Out” Rib Tattoo

Rib Cross Tattoo

rib cross tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Rib Tattoo With Cross Carved Out Of Flowers And Leaves

Tribal Rib Tattoo

tribal rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Beautiful Tribal Rib Tattoo

RIP Rib Piece

rip rib tattoo 15 Cool Rib Tattoos

Music R.I.P Tribute Through A Rib Tattoo

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