20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

The art of tattoo making and the practice of tattoo wearing have been in existence since ages and were a part and parcel of almost all civilizations across the world. However, when it became a part of popular culture and acquired a fashionable hue, people were of the view that tattoos are worn by only those who have a rebellious streak and defy the norms. This is not true entirely but to an extent of course. It is a known fact that many parents frown when their wards want to get a tattoo and at times, there are tussles also involved.

The outlaw tattoos are all about rebellion and going against the tide. They have both, a negative and positive connotation. The positive side is evident when they claim and exhort others to go beyond the stereotypes and set up new norms. This is inspirational and motivating too. The negative or badass effect of the tattoos is on display when images showing criminals or pistols or skulls or blood are carved as tattoo designs. Here are 20 outlaw tattoos with both the themes in exciting and adventurous designs. Take a look and get together with the outlaws in a special way.


This tattoo on the back with two pistols and “Texas outlaw” carved in fancy style has a badass look.

texas outlaw 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Texas Outlaw

Unique Piece

This woman with flowers in her hair and wide toothy smile carved below the outlaw lettering looks cool.

belly outlaw tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Belly Outlaw Tattoo

Rough And Tough

The robust bikers, in their dashing outfits, riding in style, are on a dangerous mission.

outlaw biker 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Biker

Outlaw Star

The red star with orange outlines and a black dragon curled over it create fear and awe.

outlaw star 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Star

Outlaw Hand Tattoo

The three skeletons and the outlaw lettering on the forearm makes for a creepy and cool design.

outlaw hand tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Hand Tattoo

Ribs Tattoo

This one presents an amazing look with the white blue flames forming the lettering outlaw on the ribs.

outlaw baby 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Baby


The woman with the “Zendik” lettering on her upper back meaning an atheist, defies conventions and norms.

zendik 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos


Abhorrent Logo

This one belongs to the over-the-top outlaw category and has a loathsome look.

murder junkies logo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Murder Junkies Logo

Outlaw Heart

Full sleeve outlaw tattoo with bright, colorful roses, flames and pistol arouses curiosity.

outlaw heart 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Heart

Mystery Man

Try out this outlaw look with a big black hat, coat and face splattered with tattoo art.

outlaw wall street 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Wall Street

Entertaining Outlaw

Tattoo carved on the hand showing a skeletal boy carrying a stone in his hands with an irritated look creates amusement.

mercenary outlaw boys 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Mercenary Outlaw Boys

Death Lurks Here

This one is a fantastic outlaw design with a pistol running through the skull indicating the risk outlaws always carry on their heads.

outlaw tattoo on neck 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Tattoo On Neck

Outlaw Tattoo

Year when the tattoo was carved along with stars looks cool and covers almost the of stomach.

outlaw tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Tattoo

Proud To Be Outlaw

Carved in big, black capital letters on the stomach, the tattoo screaming outlaw, looks dark but attractive.

outlaw tattoo on stomach 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Tattoo On Stomach

Ashley Purdy

One of the members of the famous rock band, Black Veil Brides, known for their distinct, outlandish appearance.

ashley purdy 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Ashley Purdy


This is how outlaws lead their lives, always burning in the pangs of guilt.

flaming outlaw tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Flaming Outlaw Tattoo

Outlaw Style

A robust man wearing a hat and wielding two guns looks swashbuckling.

outlaw arm tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Outlaw Arm Tattoo

Skull Outlaw Tattoo

Uneasy lies the head that wears the criminal crown, this is the message of this back tattoo.

skull outlaw tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Skull Outlaw Tattoo


This tattoo is very scary and looks too real to be disbelieved.

blade tattoo 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Blade Tattoo


Sung by Kitty wells the “Hunky Tonk Angel” song defied the norms set for women and gave them a fresh whiff of life.

honky tonk angel 20 Perfect Outlaw Tattoos

Honky Tonk Angel

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