How To Maintain An Honest Living As A Writer

Everyone knows that writing full-time is not easy to do, especially for those just starting out. However, with the amount of freelance writing platforms and outside resources that can be found online, it is possible.

Write, Write, and Write Some More


Write, Write, and Write Some More

Since most companies and clients refrain from paying novice writers a high amount per article, it is important that you dedicate enough time to your writing. In fact, those who are successfully able to maintain a living by writing often do so simply by writing as much content as they possibly can, each and every day.

Don’t Rush Things


Don’t Rush Things

While writing as much as you can is great if you are turning in quality work, it is important not to “rush” things in an attempt to get more done – this will only lead to unhappy clients, and unpleasant reviews. Additionally, since you are often paid for your completed work once it is turned in, rushing things could also be a complete and utter waste of your time.

Start Somewhere, and Learn As You Go


Start Somewhere, and Learn As You Go

Assuming that you have an above average (or at least basic) understanding of the english language, it is important to get yourself out there and start applying for jobs. Surprisingly, a lot of freelance jobs even state what skills you need to have. Therefore, you could apply for the ones you think you can handle, and start gathering positive feedback in order to easily get yourself some more. Just like with most things, by starting out simple on tasks you know you can complete, you will be able to build a solid foundation for yourself and continue moving upward from there.

It is important to not that writers should not bite off more than they can chew. Much like rushing your work, spreading yourself too thin will only lead to low quality work.

Get Great Reviews

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Get Great Reviews

Nothing works better for landing new writing clients than great, positive reviews for previous work you have done. In fact, many clients found through freelance platforms such as Upwork, Outsource, and Guru will base their decision solely off the reviews found on your profile. Additionally, those who obtain positive feedback also move up the platforms’ ladders, and are able to be seen by more people in need of content.

Gaining positive reviews will not only help you land new clients, but it will also help you build strong, long lasting relationships with current clients. This is perhaps just as important, considering the fact that consistent work usually follows.

Make Use Of Online Freelance Platforms From Home


Online Freelance Platforms

As mentioned briefly above, freelance platforms are incredibly beneficial for those looking to make a living online as a writer.

As opposed to mailing out countless resumes and submitting a surplus of already written and worked on articles to different companies, simply take a few hours each day and apply to jobs on different freelance writing platforms. Each job posting is descriptive, and some searches can even be modified in order to only show clients accepting workers with your level of experience.

Applying for work through freelance platforms is not only easy to do, but it also doesn’t tie you up for too long. In fact, by just applying for a few jobs each day, you could be working in no time.

Submit Your Work To Well-Know Companies


Submit Your Work To Well-Known Companies

After you gain yourself some experience and have a few positive reviews under your belt, it is good to start submitting your work to well-known companies. Though they might not all get back to you right away, many of them pay per article, and will contact you as long as your work meets their standards. Additionally, if you don’t waste time writing while not knowing if you’ll be paid for your work, some companies will even approve or deny your topic before you get started. That way, you’ll know whether to get to work and start writing, or look to contact another company.

Form Great Relationships With Clients


Form Great Relationships With Clients

What is better than being accepted for multiple jobs each week? Not needing to apply to any because you have consistent work coming in from a small handful of quality clients.

By making sure your clients are fully satisfied with all of the work you do for them, consistent work should start to come in. Since many of the clients found through freelance platforms need quality writing content on a weekly and/or monthly basis, having a “right hand man” makes things easier for them as well. This is why you don’t see too many full-time writers applying for jobs left and right, because they already have plenty to work on.

Spend Time Creating Your Portfolio


Spend Time Creating Your Portfolio

A quality portfolio is incredibly important, especially when looking to make a living online. Most online websites and platforms will have a section for you to post your work and describe how things went on each job, that way, potential clients can know what to expect.

Really taking your time and building a great portfolio can also lead to consistent offers and interview requests. In fact, you may even have to start turning down jobs. This is because, as opposed to posting their job online and dealing with a surplus of applications, some clients will just look at the work of each freelancer, and send an offer over.

Make A Website For Yourself


Make A Website For Yourself

Having a website to send people to is beneficial in many ways. Not only will this give the companies you submit to something to go off, but it will also allow you to build up your reputation and look more professional. Though your website may not take off right away, by allowing it to build up year after year, you will have an abundance of content show potential clients.

Offering Your Work For Free At First 


Offering Your Work For Free At First

Though this is not recommended to experienced writers (or those with great portfolios), offering work for free is another way to start landing new clients. If you are a novice writer looking to build up your cliental and eventually make a living online, this will help you gain experience and get yourself out there. Additionally, since you are working for free, it is likely that you will get a great review.


Though this may come as a surprise to most people, making a living online as a writer is not terribly difficult, especially when following the tips above. In fact, many online platforms have so many clients, that it is almost hard not to find work for yourself.

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