• these are awesome logos

  • Ali

    nice idea of cats logos

  • Jeff Fisher

    Thanks for including my C.A.T. logo design in your collection. I appreciate the credit/link, too.

  • Azedine

    Very nice logos and SOLID CREATIVITY!!!!

  • H aha! love these logos although some like the Silver Login Logo don’t look quite awesome. But some are lovely. Great!

  • This was wonderful to look at, and explore.

    Thanks for sharing! :-D

  • Manuel Garcia

    Using cat as a symbol is not that powerful but regardless of that, the designs are awesome.

  • Fat Cat Burgers logo is simply superb. Very creatively designed. Most of them are also very inspirational.

  • Bev

    All of these cat logos are very professional. The Copy Cat logo however is very subtle, in fact I had to look at it twice to see the cat in the letter ‘C’. Perhaps a different tone, color or shadowing would help?

  • Like them all, especially the Silverline one, love its colors and texture style.

  • Prabha

    wow great creativity great collections of logos thanks for the share…….

  • Salaxzar

    Every logo has its unique identity. So colorful logos that multiples our creativity.

  • This is a great collection. I love CSS cat logo, it’s looks nice.

  • Some of the finest cat inspired logos I have ever seen. How do you manage to find such awesome logos?

  • Illuminarty Creatives is my pick from this collection. Thanks for this share.