26 Astounding Little Sister Quotes

Women make our life complete. This statement is so obvious that it cannot be attributed to any particular individual and in all probability, does not qualify as a quote either. The women in our life have various names; mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, etc. are just some very well-known relations that bind us with the fairer sex and each link has a special fragrance. The mother is a link that provides us with boundless care and love. Wife is someone who is a companion and a beloved but the bond with a sister is very unique, especially a little sister.

Having a little sister is a blessing. She is one’s object of affection, love, care and joy. She is an individual who makes us caring and responsible; someone without whom we would never know what it is to give and nurture. There are various little sister quotes that tell about the bliss and blessing these one-of-their-kind girlfriends personify. If you love to read and want to dedicate a few to your own little sister then do check out this post. Here we have created a fabulous collection of 20 quotes on little sisters. They are sure to ring a bell in your heart as well as your sister’s.

My Best Friend

“I really miss my little sister…That’s really my best friend.”

Craig Jones Quotes

“Why you go hook me up with the little sister that’s bigger than the big sister.” – Craig Jones

Little Sister

“Please don’t tell R.Kelly were my little sister go to school at.”


“Missing my little sister sooooo much today really wish I could be around more but I’m always thinking of her.”

Woke Me Up

“My little sister woke me up something like five times because my face was funny. Brb, selling my sister.”

Hands Down

“My best friend is hands down my little sister.”

Love Talking

“I love talking to my younger sister…She puts a smile on my face all of the time.”

Love And Protect

“Ahh I want a younger sister to love and protect I’ma go hard at anyone who causes even the slightest hurt to her”

Thats All

“You always know when I’m sad. Just missing my sister. Thats all.”

Feel So Old

“The fact that my other little sister is about to go to college is making me feel so old.”

Nicki Minaj Quote

“I’ll pop you then I’ll pop ya little sister.” – Nicki Minaj

Little Sister Teaching

“My little sister teaching my grandma how to txt…WTF both of them are out of the texting age range.”

Swag Lessons

“My little sister is giving me ‘swag lessons.'”

The Sweetest

“Im the sweetest, I tucked in my little sister.”


“I would be heartbroken if my little sister ended up missing…”

Younger Sister

“If you dont have an older or younger sister, you reallly missing out! Those are bonds & love that could never be replaced.”

Better Friend

“There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.”

Thank You

“I enjoyed being your little sister. Yeah, just wanna say thank you for being there.”

Space Missing

“I have missed you little sister. Heart has had a lilttle space missing.”


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