25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are an extension of the wearer’s personality. There are so many designs and patterns to choose from that the choice of the tattoo tells something about the person who wears it. Leopard tattoos are a sign of power that is deceptively mild or aggressive. They are also a style statement to be in with the hip hop crowd. They are also perfect with halter tops, skin-hugging jeans and trousers, and do not need any more accessorizing.

Tattoos are an undying body art form and have evolved over the ages to become trend setters. They express the personality of the wearer and give messages of love, aggression, peace, nature, etc. The bright colors and different designs make them stand out in a crowd. Some patterns are subtle but a leopard tattoo cannot is definitely an attention seeking method. The leopard itself is an exotic animal and draws attention immediately so the tattoo cannot be missed.

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Cute and cuddly

As leopard tattoos go, this is a superb one with a cute and cuddly looking leopard. Its mild look hides the imminent danger the animal is roused. As an art form this is brilliant.

leopard shoulder tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Shoulder Tattoo

The soft and the powerful

Leopard eyes painted within the wings of a butterfly is one of the most unusual and exotic representations of a leopard tattoo. The gentle and beautiful butterfly is a far contrast from the ruthless strength of a leopard. Does it reflect the dual personality of the wearer?

leopard butterfly 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Butterfly

Group Photo

Click! A leopard mother and her cub are posing for pictures. The mother’s alert eyes are looking out for danger. The cub has a trusting and peaceful expression. This is a great leopard tattoo that is a trend setter.

leopard family tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Family Tattoo


This leopard tattoo is truly unique. The leopard looks as if it is covered with a matching blanket for a better night’s rest. Is it a pet leopard that is pampered by the owner’s? The perfect use of black, brown, orange patterns makes it a masterpiece.

sleeping leopard tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Sleeping Leopard Tattoo

Snow leopard tattoo

Leopard spots on a fair back imitate the exotic fur of a snow leopard to make an unusual leopard tattoo. This unique style is beyond comparison. A halter top would show off the design to perfection.

snow leopard tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Snow Leopard Tattoo

The spotted pattern

This leopard tattoo with a pattern of leopard spots dresses the bare shoulder with style. The different colors and shades form an artistic design that goes best with a halter top.

betsey leopard tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Betsey Leopard Tattoo

The wild story

This classic leopard tattoo with the leopard in profile is an obvious sign of power and unleashed danger. The eyes tell you a story of many wild adventures better left untold.

wild tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Wild Tattoo


This snap of a leopard tattoo show the leopard as a smart and cunning hunter. Its calculating eyes judge the distance from the prey for the fatal spring. The power is unmistakable.

leopard and map of iraq 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard And Map Of Iraq

Exotic footprints

A tattoo of leopard footprints can say a lot. The leopards have large and powerful paws despite their slim bodies. The paws in this tattoo is surely saying that danger is not far away.

leopard print claws 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Print Claws

Just teasing

This leopard face with its red tongue sticking out is teasing everyone to challenge it. An unusual pattern for a leopard tattoo, this has a beautiful mix of yellow, black and red colors that are a fashion statement.

leopard face tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Face Tattoo

Exotic pattern

A style statement cannot be commonplace. This leopard tattoo is a trend setter with its exotic pattern. The leopard is an exotic creature so any representation of the animal is bound to be extraordinary.

shoulder tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Tattoo

Traditional is perfection

This leopard tattoo with leopard spots in traditional orange and black combination is an unmistakable winner. You can’t go wrong with this design as it is chic and traditional at the same time.

thigh tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Thigh Tattoo

Patterned spots

Leopard spots painted in a vase like shape down the back and you have a new wave trend setter leopard tattoo. This is surely an original way of expressing style and power.

tattoo concept 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Concept

Sleeping beauty

Golden brown fur and dark spots are a wonderful combination on an animal. This leopard tattoo shows off these exotic colors to perfection. The tattoo hides the aggressive strength of the leopard.

lazy leopard 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Lazy Leopard

Deceptively mild

The reposing leopard has a deceptive look of being soft-hearted. But the alert eyes, powerful paws and jaw belie its mildness. This leopard tattoo is very noticeable with its many colors.

chest tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Chest Tattoo

The blue Danube

The girl in this snap is definitely fond of animal patterns. The snake-like shoulder straps of her top aptly matches the leopard tattoo on her forearm. The slight tinge of red around the tattoo reminds one of the powers of the leopard.

cute tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Cute Tattoo

Classic leopard style

Shoulder adorned in a classic leopard tattoo in its true colors goes very well with this leopard style halter top. The feline quality of the wearer is very obvious by the tattoo and the costume.

leopard print on shoulder 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Print on Shoulder

Striking leopard

A leopard about to strike its unwilling prey has a menacing look. This tattoo is an obvious sign of strength and ruthlessness. I wonder if the personality of the wearer matches it too. Or maybe it is just a style statement.

felino 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs


Liquid eyes

Don’t be fooled by those gorgeous liquid eyes. No, I am not talking of a woman, but a leopard in a peaceful mood. The mild look and exotic spots lead one to overlook the leopard’s strength, as is seen in this tattoo.

hip tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Hip Tattoo

Don’t mess with me

This classic leopard tattoos depicts two cubs. But one of them is warning against taking them for granted. Wearer is saying…even if I am young don’t mess with me. I have hidden talents you know nothing about!

leopard cubs 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Cubs

The traditional leopard

Shoulder covered in a leopard tattoo using mild brown and black colors is a beautiful design that spells feline! The pattern is spread out well over the shoulder so no jewelry is necessary. A simple white dress and you are ready to rock.

leopard print 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Print

Exotic face

This leopard tattoo with the face of the leopard is not new. But its appeal is immense as it shows the leopard to be mild, alert, cunning, and ready to pounce all the same time. Can’t go by its deceptive good looks!

leopard 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs


Not sure about the leopard?

This snap shows a pattern that would go as a leopard tattoo. Or are they machine spare parts or even alphabets of an undiscovered language? Whatever it may be, the tattoo looks stylish and cool.

leopard print on hand 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Print On Hand

Unleashed anger

The fury of a leopard is not something that can be controlled. This leopard defines rage and a ruthless power that might be unleashed any moment. It brings with it doom and destruction. The tattoo is a statement of uncontrolled energy.

furious leopard tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Furious Leopard Tattoo

Leopard snarl

A deceptively mild look in the liquid eyes is belied by the slight snarl of the creature in this leopard tattoo. Don’t upset me and you will survive…is the message you see. The black, brown and tan combination has been used to create a beauty.

srdjan tattoo 25 Awesome Leopard Tattoo Designs

Srdjan Tattoo

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