Inspiration Dose 6 – Amazing Digital Portraits

Every time I see these I can’t help but be reminded that I need to load up my copy of Zbrush and start practicing (a lot). Below are some great portrait examples that will leave you drooling for more and wishing there was more time in the day to actually do these yourself.

Inspirational Link 01

Davy Jones

Inspirational Link 02


Inspirational Link 03

Spiderman 3

Inspirational Link 04

Jose MÂȘ Lazaro

Inspirational Link 05


Inspirational Link 06

Bernardo Barbi

Inspirational Link 07

Carlzon portrait

Inspirational Link 08

The Incredible Hulk

Inspirational Link 09

Tom Cruise

Inspirational Link 10


Inspirational Link 11

The Pirate

Inspirational Link 12

Jeff Miller

Inspirational Link 13

Captain Jack Sparrow

Inspirational Link 14

Sven Geruschkat

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  • aliaero

    simply awesome!!! great stuff

  • aliaero

    simply awesome!!! great stuff

  • Thanks for your reply buddy.

  • Thanks for your reply buddy.

  • Insane!

  • Insane!

  • nice work, thanks

  • enhancedkrealkalyn

    Wonderful images……..i am a student of 3D these all images insprise me to do some interesting and different things.

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  • The last one is the best for me.
    Insanely detailed! Really would love to see a tutorial on how to create such picture.

  • OMG! So so cool, love them.

  • So glad to see most of the wonderful characters here. I can’t stop laughing seeing at Jack Sparrow’s face. Lol.. Very sexy and inspirational post.

  • Jai

    Inspirational Link 03 and 08 looks very cool. Spider Man and Hulk is very cool. Nice share!

  • Seeing these images makes me want to dig out my old comic books. Thanks for sharing them here.

  • Bhring Nath Prasad

    Inspirational Link 03 and 08 both i liked very much both superheros are my favorite.