15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

It is said that eyes are the mirror of one’s personality and the most expressive part of the face. In fact, eyes are the elements that make your face animate and alive. Therefore, people especially women go for an impactful eye makeup. Eye makeup is a great way of enhancing your looks and the grooming part also includes the eyebrows. When it comes to eyebrows, threading and using pencil liner instantly come to our mind but these days eyebrow tattoos have also made their mark among men as well as women as styling accessories.

If you have a cut mark on your eyebrows or hairs are sparse and very few and far between you need not necessarily go to a makeup artist to get those time-consuming treatments that claim to give you impeccable eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoos are also a good option to make them better. The eyebrow tattoos are designed in various motifs in both color and black and white. Images and pictures can be chosen according to your wish. If you have any desire of getting an eyebrow tattoo this post would serve as a good reference point for ideas and concepts. Do take a look and see for yourself what lies inside them.

Eye Makeup

The triangles forming a semi-circle around the eyes are looking pretty on this innocent girl’s face.

geometric tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Geometric Tattoo


Circles make up for the shaved eyebrow of this man with large earrings and tribal tattoo design on chin.

eyebrow circles 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrow Circles


The sparkling and colorful butterflies and flowers gracing the sides of the eye make for an alluring tattoo design.

dragonfly tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Dragonfly Tattoo

Moon Tattoo

The plain small circle at the center of the forehead looks elegant and has also got spiritual significance.

moon tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Moon Tattoo

Wrongfully Convicted

The man expresses his angst through the lettering eyebrow tattoo.

wrongfully convicted 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Wrongfully Convicted

Vines Embroidery

This tattoo aficionado with various designs on his head and face has his eyebrows embroidered with vines motif.

freehand eyebrow tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Freehand Eyebrow Tattoo


Wearing the devotion lettering on his eyebrow, the guy has found out a new way to convey his belief in style.

devotion 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos


Cute and Creepy

The small bat below the eyebrow looks pretty and arouses curiosity with its cool shape.

small bat tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Small Bat Tattoo

Where Is Tattoo

A thin line drawn above the eyebrow looks so much a part of it giving an illusion of tattoo.

cool tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Cool Tattoo

Horn Eyebrow Tattoo

The horns carved in place of the eyebrow amuse with their wild overtones.

horn eyebrow tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Horn Eyebrow Tattoo

Tattoo Craze

This tattoo piece with full face covered in varied designs and eyebrows bearing the lettering skin and head is indicative of the wearer’s passion for the art.

skin head tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Skin Head Tattoo


Wearing a crown and a roman number above his eyebrows, the man seems to be in love with the lifestyle of monarchs.

crown tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Crown Tattoo


Get daring with this eyebrow tattoo design having pyramids on the top and bottom of the eyes.

crazy tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Crazy Tattoo

Fear God

Tear drops and lettering carved on eyelids and below it in light shade are an affirmation of this man’s belief in god.

fear god 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Fear God


The face of the woman entirely covered with tribal tattoo art has a black, wavy design in place of the shaved eyebrow.

black eyebrow tattoo 15 Inspirational Eyebrow Tattoos

Black Eyebrow Tattoo

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