30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem, the first white rapper, is known for the tattoos he wears on his body parts. The man who has many chart buster songs to his credit is all for tattoos. He could have easily qualified as the brand ambassador of any tattoo making artist. The Eminem tattoos, a reference to the art work he has put on his body, especially the arms, make for a collage of stories. Each tattoo has an incident related to it. All together, he has eleven tattoos on his body out of which six sit on the right arm and four on the left. One tattoo has been carved on his stomach.

The tattoo man loves to wear his emotions on his sleeves. Some of his tattoos are a mark of love and respect which includes the RIP Ronnie tattoo, Proof Tattoo and the one he got inked especially for his daughter by replacing his own name. Other tattoos were created in a fit of despair and anger, including the one on stomach which says “Rot in Pieces”. This was done after he had an altercation with his wife. Here we bring for you a compilation all the tattoos with Eminem in different poses covered by 30 images.

Eminem And His Tattoos

Eminem with all his tattoos inked on both the hands poses for camera in style.

eminem hover 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Hover

My Tattoos

Eminem flaunts his tattoos in style and each of them has a story behind it.

eminem popular pix 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Popular Pix

Ronnie RIP

The tattoo carved in memory of his uncle Ronnie who introduced him to hip-hop is distinctly visible on his upper arm.

eminem posing 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Posing

Eminem Addresses

Eminem speaking to the media waves his hands that clearly shows the tattoo he wears for his daughter.

cool eminem 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Cool Eminem

Formidable Eminem

Eminem in a crisp formal suit wearing the tattoo as a tribute to his group D12 looks intimidating.

eminum tattoo 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Tattoo

Tribal Band

The tribal tattoo inked around Eminem’s wrist was a consequence of his getting drunk.

eminem wrist 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Wrist

Eminem Arm Tattoo

This tattoo is for his daughter Hallie Jade for which he got the inspiration from his song “97 Bonnie & Clyde”.

eminem arm tattoo 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Arm Tattoo

Crazy Tattoos

The left arm of Eminem has two tattoos, one after he got drunk and another after he had a fight with his wife Kim.

eminem left arm tattoo 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Left Arm Tattoo

Uncle’s Tattoo

Thanks to Ronnie uncle, who graces the top on the right arm, otherwise we would not have seen such a brilliant rapper.

right hand tattoo 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Right Hand Tattoo

Cross Fingers

The rebellious rapper keeps his fingers crossed about the future that is yet to unfold and invest him with more tattoos.

cross finger 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Cross Finger

Eminem On Fence

The dirty Dozen group, D12, placed on both hands with the tribal bracelet looks fine in this pose.

eminem on fence 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem On Fence

Tattoo Man

Looking bored, Eminem poses for a close up pose and his tattoos are visible here too.

eminem closeup 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Closeup

Eminem In Black

The first white rapper looks calm and composed in this pose wearing a black T-shirt complmenting his array of dark tattoos.

eminem in black 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem In Black

Tattoos Galore

Eminem displaying his various tattoos each related to an interesting anecdote.

eminem both hand tattoo 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Both Hand Tattoo

Love You Friend

The Proof tattoo is in remembrance of his friend who was shot dead on April 11, 2006.

redbull emsee battle 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Redbull Emsee Battle

Eminem’s Proof Tattoo

Eminem flashes his Proof Tattoo in memory of his childhood friend and group mate whose real name was De Shaun Dupree Holton.

eminem proff tattoo 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Proff Tattoo

A Positive Eminem

Looking sober and simple in a white T-shirt, Eminem has a pleasant aura around him.

cute eminem 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Cute Eminem

Old Eminem Picture

A picture from the olden days of Eminem when he was not so popular and in troubles.

old eminem picture 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Old Eminem Picture

Relapse Or Recovery

The monumental album Relapse was like a second life as Eminem had released it after a five-year hiatus.

cool wallpaper 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Cool Wallpaper

Buddies Together

Eminem, who had Proof as a hype man in his group, was very close to his childhood friend.

the greatest rapper alive 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

The Greatest Rapper Alive

Eminem And Rihana

Two rock stars, each great in his own way, pose together for camera.

eminem and rihana 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem And Rihana

What Next

Eminem sits in silence pondering over his plans.

eminum thinking 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Thinking

My Dear Daughter

Eminem’s daughter means a lot to him as he replaced his own name with the tattoo bearing her image.

the one and only 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

The One And Only

Eminem Photoshoot

A creepy photograph of Eminem, a reference to the low phase in his life when he tried committing suicide.

eminem photoshoot 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Photoshoot

Eminem Rocks

The hugely popular rock star sits with a mike thinking about what to say next.

eminem rocks 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Rocks

Eminem Wallpaper

Eminem with folded hands and looking in anticipation makes for a nice picture.

eminem wallpaper 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Wallpaper

Body Builder

Eminem stands up with a daring look in his eyes like a body builder, showing his torso.

eminem recovery 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Recovery

Cool Eminem

Eminem in a stylish pose looks at the camera.

popular eminum pix 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Popular Eminem Pix

Eminem Sings

The drug abuse took its toll on the rapper as is clearly visible in his hand with popped up veins.

eminem the rapper 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem The Rapper

Eminem On Cover

Eminem with his full body tattoo in display poses for the cover of a magazine.

eminem b w pix 30 Groovy Eminem Tattoos

Eminem Cover Pix

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