19 Bold and Bright Red Hair Color Ideas

Bright red hair color is colorful, trendy, and bold look. It’s not for the faint of heart, though, as it’s not an ordinary color. Bright red hair color is more for the adventurous soul; those looking for a little spice int heir lives, if you will.

The nice things about red hair color is that the different hues and shades can go with just about any complexion or natural hair color. There are cool and warm shades of red, as well as bright and deep shades of red. Bright red hair color even looks nice in auburn or naturally red hair, which isn’t something that you can say about all unnatural hair colors. The biggest requirement a person needs to pull off a bright red hair color is confidence and a fiery personality!

There are also as many different ways to pull off a bright red hair color as there are personality types! Those with bod and outgoing personalities can dye all of their hair a bright red shade. Or, if a subtler look is what you’re after, bright red streaks and highlights peeking out from under the hair can blaze brilliantly. Whether you choose a whole head of bright red hair or just a few red highlights, you’re sure to turn a ew heads with your bright red hair color! If you’re still looking for a little inspiration, though, check out both of these looks and more below!

1. Bright Red Straight Hair

Get blazin’ and brazen with straight bright red hair!

red hair colorImage Source

2. Deep Red Wavy Hair

This deep red hair color is a little ore subdued than bright red hair, but it’s gorgeous in its own right!

red hair colorImage Source

3. Short Bright Red Haircut

Jazz up a short haircut by dying hair bright red.

red hair color 3Image Source

4. Short Bright Red Bob

A short bob looks fiery and sexy dyed a bright red hair color!

red hair colorImage Source

5. Black and Red Hair Color

Bright red streaks in black hair are edgy and chic!

red hair color 5Image Source

6. Red Under Black Bob

Wow! The bright red hair color under this black blunt bob is absoutey astounding and sure to turn some heads!

red hair color 6Image Source

7. Red Ringlets in Black Hair

Curly black hair can really benefit from a pop of color like these bright red ringlets.

red hair color 7Image Source

8. Dip Dyed Red and Black Hair

Red hair color on the ends of this dip dyed black hair are punky and breathtaking!

red hair color 8Image Source

9. Black Streaks in Bright Red Hair

Black streaks amidst bright red hair color are alluring and intriguing to say the least!

red hair color 9Image Source

10. Peek-a-boo Red Streaks in Dark Brown Hair

Add a subtle pop of sexy bright red hair color with peek-a-boo streaks under dark brown hair.

red hair color 10Image Source

11. Red Streaked Dark Brown Hair

Several streaks of bright red hair color in dark brown hair are also unique and provocative.

red hair colorImage Source

12. Red Streaks in Short Brown Hair

Red streaks in short brown hair work as well!

red hair color 12Image Source

13. Wide Streaks of Red in Brown Hair

Wide streaks of bright red hair color are noticeably sassy!

red hair color 13Image Source

14. Red Hair Color in Blonde Hair

Blondes can have lots of fun with bright red hair color too!

red hair color 14Image Source

15. Red Streaks in Blonde Curls

Blonde girls go from “ho-hum” to “oh, yeah!” with streaks of bright red hair color!

red hair color 15Image Source

16. Red and Black Streaks in Blonde Hair

Add a streak or two of black along with your bright red hair color to make blonde hair that much more fetching.

red hair color 16Image Source

17. Bright Red Ends in Blonde Hair

A fun modern look, these bright red ends make this blonde hairstyle absolutely radiant!

red hair colorImage Source

18. Blonde Streaks in Red Hair

Blonde streaks in bright red hair are a little more unusual, but definitely a gorgeous option to try!

red hair color 18Image Source

19. Fancy Red and Blonde Updo

Definitely not an every day look, but this blonde and bright red updo is sure to garner some attention!

red hair color 19Image Source

As you can see, bright red hair can be downright stunning! Not only that, but it can also work for just about anyone! Keep in mind though, that red hair color is most noticeable when it’s used in lighter hair. That means that if you don’t have blonde hair, you may need to lighten your hair a bit to make the color more noticeable.

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