40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Looking for some pretty badass tattoos? If so, you’re in the right place. You see, these tattoos aren’t going to be your typical tribal tattoo designs or barbed wire tattoos. No, they are much more than that. This is a collection of 40 tattoos that we found to be truly badass. So, what distinguishes a badass tattoo from any other tattoo? Well, we don’t have to answer that as the list will do the talking.

Before we begin though, we do want to mention one thing. These badass tattoos won’t be for everyone. Whether or not they are right for you, is up for you to decide. We personally think that you simply can’t go wrong with one of these tattoos as long as it matches your unique personality and is something that you don’t mind having on your body for the duration of your life. Now, if you’re tired of hearing us rant and rave about these badass tattoos, you can scroll down and check out the in-depth list below. You’re going to love it!


Beware! The Evil eye watches!

This is a wonderful badass tattoo with its numerous shades of black and gray. The wearer is saying, “Keep away or meet your doom!” The girl in the picture has a challenge in her eyes to match the theme of the evil eye and darkness in the tattoo.

skull with star 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Skull With Star

Here Comes Superman

This picture is a style statement with is bright flashy colors. The Superman seems to be coming out of the crystal to destroy evil. This badass tattoo is brilliant in its 3D effect that makes it a masterpiece in tattoo art.

superman tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Superman Tattoo

The Unknown

Is that a face or is it a flower? This badass tattoo is an enigma in its design. The wearer wants everyone to solve the mystery. The colors and unusual design draw attention like nothing else does.

sleeve tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Sleeve Tattoo

Jungle Glory

This badass tattoo on the hip shows the beauty of the jungle in its mixture of colors and shapes. Even the darkness of the night cannot hide the variety of the undergrowth and bright orange mushrooms.

shelly tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Shelly Tattoo

Deer Art

This badass tattoo is superb in its simple lines. The artist has shown the majestic stance of the deer with just gray sketch style drawing and a few splashes of red. The overall effect is very exotic.

deer tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Deer Tattoo

Punk Jazz

Punk culture and jazz are perfectly represented by this badass tattoo. The bright colors and the juxtaposition of the different images, makes it a new wave piece of hip hop art.

new school guitar stars tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

New School Guitar Stars Tattoo

Crazy Tea Party

As badass tattoos go, this takes top marks. It is an attention seeking tattoo with Alice wearing the Mad Hatter’s hat, Alice’s gargoyle-like face, tea splashing about, contrasting splashes of color…the aim is to get noticed and this definitely does the job.

alice in wonderland 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland

Forest Siren

The badass tattoo in this picture is a brilliant example of artistic expression. The voluptuous nude sitting on a bed of roses with creepers framing her is sexy and inviting.

alex 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos



You want to make a fashion statement? You want to set a trend? This badass tattoo will definitely do the trick. The flashy orange of the fish, deep blue water and bright pink flowers cannot be missed even in a crowd.

fish tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Fish Tattoo

Clash Of The Titans

These warriors in vivid blue colors look fierce and invincible. This badass tattoo shows unconquerable strength and power. As an art form, this tattoo is unmatched in its intricate lines of the weapons and the fine lines of the faces.

sephiroth n cloud tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Sephiroth n Cloud Tattoo

Beaten Savior

This badass tattoo is shows the pain that the Lord tolerate to protect us from ourselves and others. The black eye, blood seeping cuts and bruises are symbol of supreme sacrifice. The reddish hue has been used very effectively to make it a piece of art.

beaten jesus 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Beaten Jesus

Cat’s Whiskers

This badass tattoo defines feline splendor. This woman proudly shows the original of her tattoo image. The sketch-like picture of the cat and feathers in black and gray look superbly classy.

berglind nanna 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Berglind Nanna

Dark Side Of Life

Youthful beauty pulled by the dark forces of evil…the message is clear in this badass tattoo in this photo. The myriad shades of gray show that there is the good, the bad and the ugly part of life. This is a very creative piece of tattoo art.

ghost design 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Ghost Design

Innovative Tradition

The traditional flower and creeper in black and gray has been converted into something really beautiful. The creeper down the spine shows off the young girl’s hour-glass figure to perfection. As a badass tattoo it is a masterpiece.

back tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Back Tattoo

The Evergreen Flower

Hibiscus is a flower that blooms all year round. The bright pink flower, deep green shaded leaves in a light blue background is a classic badass tattoo design that is as evergreen as the flower itself.

hibiscus tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Hibiscus Tattoo

Naughty Sleeping Beauty

A badass tattoo like this one personifies beauty. The sleeping beauty in the picture is a masterpiece with its multitude of colors. But the hand covering the bottom adds unexpected mischief to this classic piece.

colin jones 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Colin Jones

Glorious Sun

You want perfection to show off your beautiful back? This badass tattoo fits the job very well. The bright orange Sun looks down onto the flowering plants rising up the back as if in prayer. The gray spirals within the Sun make the design very unusual.

triple spiral 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Triple Spiral

Dragon And Fire

A dragon is a common motif that is used by tattoo artists. But this badass tattoo depicts the fire-breathing dragon interspersed with attractive designs. But the power of the dragon can’t be missed.

dragon tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Dragon Tattoo

Touch Of The Exotic

This badass tattoo is a brilliant example of artistic talent. The legendary bird, the phoenix, is known for its beauty, grace and magical powers. This black-gray shaded tattoo is superb in its detailed lines and concept.

the phoenix tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

The Phoenix Tattoo

Mythological Splendor

The bird showing his huge wing span is a mythological creature that defines power, freedom and success all together. Gray, blue, red, pink and yellow colors have been used in the badass tattoo to perfection to create an exotic effect.

surfer tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Surfer Tattoo

Dracula Rising!

Dark themes are a very popular tattoo art form. This badass tattoo is definitely bad in the theme but has an unusual form of artistic expression. The image seems to depict Dracula rising from the grave to wreak havoc in the darkness of the night.

the dark knight rises 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

The Dark Knight Rises

Pet Style

This snap shows a dog lover sporting a badass tattoo in the form of a dog’s paw. This way you take your pet with you wherever you go. The small size of the tattoo is its Beauty.

dog paws tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Dog Paws Tattoo

Butterfly Splendor

The butterfly tattooed to give an impression of a pencil sketch is an attractive impression of a badass tattoo. The tinge of blue on the wings adds luster to the simple design making it a classic piece.

butterfly tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo

Embryo Of a Mermaid

A touch of brilliance! This is what all would say about this badass tattoo. Simple lines in gray and you have a beautifully designed little mermaid curled into an embryo state. The wearer must really be proud of such a masterpiece.

tattoo girl 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Tattoo Girl

Remote Control

You want something new wave and trendy, this badass tattoo takes first prize. The remote control depicted in black loses its monotony when you see the two gunmen in vivid colors brightening up the effect.

my badass contra 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

My Badass Contra

Barren Tree

This badass tattoo is a fashion statement despite its simplistic design. The entire back is covered with a barren tree with no leaves or fruits. Does it mean hopelessness? Definitely not, it is a very unique art form that shows off the fair back to perfection.

tree back peice 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Tree Back Peice

The Voyage

The simple grays of the anchor are offset by the bright red colors of the bird in this badass tattoo. The spread out wings of the bird and the waves of the sea speak of freedom, open spaces and pleasant sea voyages.

anchor tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Anchor Tattoo

A Touch Of Class

Class and elegance is what you will think of on seeing this badass tattoo. Despite its subdued shades of light brown flowers and matt gray leaves, it stands out as an exotic piece of artwork worth imitating.

flower tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Flower Tattoo


As badass tattoos go, this one shows control and also a curiosity to find new worlds. This must be the simplest yet artistic representation of the atlas that promises great things yet to be discovered.

the world 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

The World

The Knot Of Love

A pink satin bow would immediately bring emotions like love and affection to mind. As badass tattoos go, this has a strange effect of an oil painting with its whitish grainy look.

bow tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Bow Tattoo

Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s bounty! Are we talking about the sexy woman or her attractive spread of tattoos? Either way, the effect of bright red splashes depicting flora and fauna looks great and deserves attention and praise.

body tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Body Tattoo

Floral Glory

Pink and blue are the twin colors that most of us like. This badass tattoo shows off these colors in the form of two lovely flowers. The design is exotic in its simplicity and yet draws attention.

tattoo tooo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Tattoo Tooo

On The Road

A limousine and diner shown in this badass tattoo means the girl in this picture loves to get about. This design is perfect for a girl who likes to have plenty of outdoor work as part of her job. Sitting in one place is boring! Modeling maybe?

award winning tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Award Winning Tattoo

Classic Style

A combination of geometric shapes and flowers is a perfectly balanced badass tattoo. This tattoo is an example of how simple designs and intricate art work can merge together to form a simplistic masterpiece.

tribal tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Tribal Tattoo

Dreams Come True

This badass tattoo depicts Peter Pan taking Wendy and John to Neverland, a utopian island where there is only happiness. The vivid colors and the characters tell us the there is always a child within every person that dreams of better things.

fairytail tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Fairytail Tattoo


The lily, like the orchid, is an exotic flower and this badass tattoo shows it in lovely orange and brown shades. The simple lines colors have brought the flower to life, and a tattoo the artist and the wearer must be very proud of.

lily tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Lily Tattoo

The Elegant Geisha

The Geisha has always been an example of beauty and elegance. This badass tattoo does justice to her image, with an exotic blend of blue, green, pink and orange shades.

geisha tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Geisha Tattoo

Baby Owl

Badass tattoos are not bad! The chubby baby owl in this foot tattoo looks cute and cuddly, but being a nocturnal bird, would it let us near? Different shades and different designs have been used to show feathers to makes a lovely collage of patterns.

owl tattoo 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Owl Tattoo

Freedom From Bondage

As badass tattoos go, this is a truly unusual piece of tattoo art. Freedom from bondage is the theme depicted by the lock that has wings ready to fly off. The different shades of gray give it a classy look.

lock with wings 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Lock With Wings

Adventure Story

The badass tattoo in this picture depicts a superhero blessed by the Sun. He has arrived and all evil will come to an end! The bright colors of the tattoo send a positive message of better days to come.

starry night over the gotham city 40 Marvelous Badass Tattoos

Starry Night Over The Gotham City

Now that the list is over, we hope that you’ve been able to discover a few badass tattoos that really stand out to you. If you haven’t been able to do so, we hope you’ll consider checking out some of our other tattoo lists found at the links below. We definitely have something for everyone and know that with a little time and extra effort, you’ll be able to discover your dream tattoo.

So, what are you waiting for? Save the pictures you liked from this list and check out the other lists. Use them to help inspire your next tattoo whether it is a badass tattoo or something completely different such as a lion tattoo. Either way, make it happen!


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