Awesome Artwork by Mark Fred

Mark Fred is an amazing artist whose caricatures speak a lot about this artist. He uses perfect blend of colors and emotions to make his caricatures alive. You will also be amazed with the superb of this talented artist. His magnificent work leaves no option but to praise him with open heart. He uses variety of color from dark to light, from purple to white but every stroke adds to the beauty of his artwork.

Although we couldn’t get information about Mark but we have left no stone unturned to showcase most amazing work of Mark Fred. Check out his work and tell us which one do you like the most.

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Inspirational Work 1

obama boxing

Inspirational Work 2

why so serious

Inspirational Work 3


Inspirational Work 4


Inspirational Work 5


Inspirational Work 6


Inspirational Work 7


Inspirational Work 8


Inspirational Work 9

red rose

Inspirational Work 10


Inspirational Work 11


Inspirational Work 12


Inspirational Work 13


Inspirational Work 14


Inspirational Work 15


Inspirational Work 16

magic box

Inspirational Work 17

new born baby

Inspirational Work 18

black magic

Inspirational Work 19

magic wand

Inspirational Work 20


Inspirational Work 21


Inspirational Work 22


Link To Portfolio



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  • Mariano

    His name is Mark Fredrickson.

    • Mariano thanks for the heads up, we have added the portfolio link now. You rock :)

  • What amazing and interesting art work. I loved many of your art works.
    Good luck with future projects.

  • Madhavan Muthukaruppan

    Awesome!!!! This’s the best work I have ever seen…!!

  • Ronald Bien

    Love the details… Mark Fred is one of a kind.

  • mullerjeanfrancois

    nice works.

  • very out class and awesome work, i appreciate it………..

  • eric


    like these illustrations a lot. Sam Spratt has a similar style.

  • Ha-ha these ones leaves me lol! They are so cool…

  • Liked the super man artwork and the boy posing before photo frame.

  • Jai

    Hahahah! These are very funny arts. I so love the first art. Hahah! Thanks for this post, it makes me laugh.

  • Prabha

    Funny collections of arts i liked the very first inspirational work it looks like he is Barak Obama it looks so funny thanks for making me laugh thanks for sharing this funny collections……..:D

  • Tarun Jaitely

    Inspirational work is my pick from this collection. Rest of other are also good.

  • Kamal

    Artworks by Mark Fred are so nice looking and funny too. I liked almost all and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing..