9 Punk Rock Tattoo Quotes

The world of punk rock is a tumultuous and chaotic. The only way to really pin it down is to take some of the awesome lyrics from the most iconic songs and get those tattoo quotes all over your body. All over the country, in dingy basements and concert venues, you’re bound to find punk rockers who have tattoo quotes from the biggest bands in the genre. If you are a punk rock veteran, or if you are just getting into this exciting genre of music, the following quote tattoos will help you solidify your place in the punk rock pantheon.

“Hey Ho Let’s Go” – The Ramones

If you’ve ever been to a hockey game or other sporting event, there’s a good chance you’ve chanted along to this song. It makes for an excellent tattoo quote to go around a classic Ramones symbol anywhere on your body.

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – The Clash

Another hockey game or sporting event song, this iconic lyric was not originally sung by The Clash, but they made it their own. Get this tattoo quote if you are a punk rocker with a political bent.

“Rise Above” – Black Flag

If you are a punk rocker wit a destructive side, getting this classic Black Flag tattoo on your body will makes sense. It is a short quote that can go well as a wrist tattoo in a small font or in large, bold letters across your chest.

Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn of Black Flag
“Rise Above” – Black Flag

“I Want to Conquer the World” -Bad Religion

Bad Religion is a band known for its brains and its brawn. This tattoo quote is for the educated punk who takes his book learnin’ into the mosh pit with him.

“Anarchy in the UK” – Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols really made an impact in the UK with this song and were censored all over the BBC. Even if you don’t live in the UK, get this tattoo and replace the two words with your own country.

“Anarchy in the UK” – Sex Pistols

“More Beer” – Fear

A perfect finger tattoo for any lush and punk rock fan. This song by Fear is a perfect ode to irresponsible partying and getting a finger tattoo with one word on each knuckle will tell people what you’re all about.

“I Got a Lust for Life” – Iggy and the Stooges

Punk rock is all about expression and living your life to the fullest. No quote says that better than this iconic one sang by Iggy Pop.

“Kick Out the Jams” – MC5

MC5 came out way before punk rock hit the mainstream and pretty much scared everyone around when they screamed these lyrics as loud as they could for an audience in Detroit. Get this tattoo quote if you like to break your own ground.

“We Are the Sons of No One” – The Replacements

The Replacements pretty much started modern alternative rock music with this anthem that declared their independence from pretty much everyone.

“We Are the Sons of No One” – The Replacements

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