9 Inspiring Quotes For 2014

If you are a dreamer and like to set goals for yourself, 2014 very well may be the year to do it. We’ve been doing a lot of posts lately geared towards 2014 specifically and there’s a reason behind this. We want this to be your year. We also want it to be the year that you finally meet some of the goals that you’ve set in the past and more importantly, we want this to be a fun year. After all, life is all about fun and success. And we’re not talking about money which is something that many people link to success. No, success is much, much more than that.

It’s only what you make of it. If success is finally getting your novel published or landing your dream job, that’s fine. As we just said, success is only what you make of it. So, in honor of your success and happiness in 2014, we put together this list of 9 Inspiring Quotes For 2014. They are all unique in their own way and are here to serve you time and time again. Let them nourish your soul, give your senses a jolt, and inspire you whenever you need them to. Now, what are you waiting for? Check out these inspiring quotes now! You’ll love them!

Success Quote

We absolutely adore success quotes like this one!

success quote

Inspiring Quote

Sit back and let this inspiring quote inspire you!

inspiring quote

Family Quote

What an adorable quote!

family quote

Marilyn Monroe Quote

This is an amazing quote by Marilyn Monroe.

marilyn monroe quote
Marilyn Monroe

Love Quote

This isn’t your typical love quote but we definitely like it!

love quote

Broken Heart Quote

We’re sorry about your loss but you’ll like this quote.

broken heart quote
Broken Heart

Children Quote

This is a great quote for all you parents out there!

children quote

Music Quote

Are you a fan of music? If so, check out this quote!

music quote

Random Quote

This is a very random quote. Literally!

random quote

Now that you’ve finished this list of 9 Inspiring Quotes For 2014, we hope that you leave here with inspiration like you’ve never had before. We hope that you’re ready to take on the world like never before and are ready to reach for the stars. We promise that if you reach far enough, you will finally be able to touch them all.

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