8 Tattoo Quotes from Breaking Bad

The “Breaking Bad” series is over, and if you were a fan, chances are pretty good that you’re going through withdrawal. Reruns will live on Netflix forever, but if you truly want to commemorate the show, why not get a cool tattoo quote on your body? Find your favorite cool font, and have a tattoo artist pick a cool tattoo design that works for whatever part of the body you want to get inked up with your favorite “Breaking Bad” quotes from Walter, Jesse, Saul and Mike. Get your tattoo quote in blue ink just like the infamous product featured on the show. Scroll down to start checking out these tattoo quotes from Breaking Bad.

“I Am the One Who Knocks”

Do people underestimate your skills or expertise in life? Show them who is the boss when you get this iconic quote from Walter White as a wrist tattoo or a hand tattoo.

“I Am Not in Danger. I Am the Danger”

From the very same line as the above quote, this quote works well as a wrist tattoo on both of your arms or a foot tattoo on both of your feet.

“Yeah, Science Bitch”

Jesse Pinkman often plays a dimwit who does not have a basic understanding of science at the beginning of the series. Get this tattoo if you have a love for science.

Science Bitch1

Jesse Pinkman

“I’ve Still Got Things Left to Do”

Walter says this quote when Jesse breaks into his house and tries to burn it down, aiming to take care of his final nemesis. Get this tattoo quote if you still have goals left to accomplish.

“I Won”

In the final scene from season 4 where Walt finally exacts his vengeance on Gus, he utters to Skylar, “I Won.” Getting this tattoo quote on you will help commemorate a personal victory, hopefully not on the destructive level of Walt’s.



“Better Call Saul”

If you are a fan of Bob Odenkirk’s dirtbag, slimeball, morally-bankrupt portrayal of Saul Goodman, there is no better “Breaking Bad” tattoo quote to get than his iconic catchphrase.

“Stay Out of My Territory”

When new dealers were trying to set up shop in Walt’s neighborhood, he gave them this quote as some of the best advice on the entire show.

“I’ll Send You to Belize”

This is the place where all of the characters who stopped appearing on the show went to “relax and take it easy for the rest of their lives.” Getting this tattoo will remind you to never take anything for granted.

I'll Send You to Belize

I’ll Send You to Belize

A “Breaking Bad” tattoo is a much better way to show your appreciation for one of the best television series ever than a simple t-shirt. Make sure you select a tattoo quote that speaks to you and place it on a part of your body that can be seen.

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