8 Tattoo Fonts for Quotes

Getting a tattoo quote on your body is the ultimate way to express an idea because it is inked onto your skin forever. Instead of settling for a basic tattoo fonts for your quote, pick out something that will truly stand the test of time and make your idea mean even more. When you pick a cool font for your tattoo quote, you also stand less of a chance of regretting your decision because of the awesome design, even if you don’t relate to the message any longer.

Blessed Day

Blessed Day is a classic tattoo font that allows your quote to stand out wherever it is on your body. It features a clean and elegant cursive style that is perfect for inspirational tattoo quotes that you want the world to read clearly.

Art Brewery

This font is a little more distressed and chaotic than Blessed Day, but it is still very legible. Capital letters are very tall and the cursive lettering does not connect. The tattoo font is perfect for short quotes placed about symbols and other artwork.

art brewery
Art Brewery

Candy INC.

This is an old-fashion, cool font that is reminiscent of many bubblegum pop artists of the 1960s. One of the best features of Candy INC. is the swoosh that comes out of the last letter and underlines the entire quote.

Candy Inc

Angilla Tattoo

Angilla Tattoo is a taller, leaner font than most and works best if you have a long tattoo quote that needs to fit onto a small amount of available space.

Angel Tears

Angel Tears is an excellent font if you want to get a tattoo quote that makes a bold statement. The font looks perfect if you are committed to getting tattoos on your knuckles or fingers.

angel tears
Angel Tears

Hustlers Rough

This is another classic tattoo font that you would find all over a shop on a dock where sailors congregate. It is a cool font to use if you want to get a quote about hard work, a labor related job or living a life at sea.

Famous Labels

Famous Labels is a fancy, bold font to use for short amounts of text in prominent places on your arm, chest or back. The font features many curves as well as pointed edges for a nice duality.

Trufla Words

Trufla Words is an extremely delicate calligraphic font that is perfect if you are looking to get a tender tattoo quote on your body. The font is hard to read unless you are up close, so you may get a lot of inquisitive people asking you to read the quote for them.

Before committing to a particular tattoo font, make sure your artist is acquainted with the particular style. Some tattoo artists may even have a set of stencils in the shop that allows them to apply your tattoo quote with precision and accuracy for a uniform look.

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