8 Cool Examples of Bottom of the Foot Tattoos

Are you looking to get a cool tattoo with the maximum level of discretion? Look no further than the canvas on the bottom of your foot. Bottom of the foot tattoos are becoming more popular than ever and tattoo artists are finding new and creative ways to ink up. While these foot tattoos are becoming popular, remember that they are going to hurt like crazy when you get them. If you’re willing to put up with the pain, here are some great ideas you can use that will adorn the bottom of your foot with pride. This is a list of 8 bottom of the foot tattoos.

Made in “Insert Country Here”

Celebrate your national identity when you get a bold and daring foot tattoo that says something like “MADE IN USA,” “MADE IN CANADA,” or “MADE IN MEXICO.” If you’re feeling extra nerdy, try getting a movie tattoo like “MADE ON TATTOINE” or “MADE ON PLANET KRYPTON.”

Nautical Star

A nautical star tattoo is never a bad choice anywhere on your body, especially the bottom of your foot. Get matching tattoos on both feet, or go for contrasting colors for a dazzling effect.

Super Mario Bros

Get one of the most iconic video game characters tattooed on your foot, then on the other foot, get Luigi, Toad, Bowser, or Princess Toadstool to complete your homage to classic Nintendo gaming.

Super Mario Bros


This traditional Middle-Eastern tattooing style is traditionally done as a hand tattoo or foot tattoo for temporary effects. If you like the style enough, get it permanently inked on the bottom of your foot as a fashion accessory.

Calligraphic Spiral on Both Feet

This cool spiral pattern is unique because it uses both of your feet to complete the tattoo design. Ask your tattoo artist if he can come up with a unique design for you.
Bottom Of Foot Tattoos
Calligraphic Spiral

Simple Black Heart Tattoo

Not really sure what to get? Just get a simple heart tattoo underneath your big toe. Get it filled in with black ink for a simple, bold effect.

Paw Print

Show off your love for dogs, cats, birds or any other creature by getting a paw or claw tattoo under your foot. Have your pet step in some washable ink and bring it into the shop for a super-personal touch to your foot tattoo.

Squashed Bug

For the opposite effect of the paw print tattoo, get this squashed bug under your foot. Have your tatoo artist use splatter techniques and watercolors to get some really cool effects.
Squashed Bug

If you experience foot pain on a regular basis, do not get a foot tattoo. Having a needle repetitively puncture your skin may exacerbate your condition. Also, be forewarned that this type of tattoo may take a while to heal, which means you will have to go barefoot as much as possible.

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