8 Short Hairstyles For Job Interviews

A job interview is extremely important, because you have to show your potential employer that you are the right person for the job. There are many factors that go into performing well at a job interview and one of those things in the proper hairstyle. Therefore, I’m going to list short hairstyles for job interviews that are appropriate for the occasion. The last thing you want to do is go into a job interview with blue hair and the side of your head shaved. You have to be properly prepared for the job interview process or else you may end up getting the cold shoulder and missing out on the job.

Typically, your first job interview with a company will be held with a human resources representative. Typically, this interview is nothing more than a screening process. The first interview could either take place in person, over the phone or even on the computer. Basically, they will have your resume and they are going to verify all of the information that you’ve listed on your resume. After this basic first interview, you may be asked to come back for a second interview. If you need a hairstyle for the interview, you should check out the hairstyle below for some inspiration.

Short Thick Professional Hairstyle

This is an absolutely astonishing hairstyle and it’s perfect for women with short hair that is going on a job interview. This hairstyle is particularly effective if you have both thick and short hair. It’s very classy and there’s not too much going on that will distract the interviewer.

short hairstyle
Short Thick Pro Hairstyle

Short Mandy Moore Hairstyle

Mandy Moore is a celebrity that is known for being able to pull off some of the best short hairstyles. This would be the perfect hairstyle for a job interview. It’s short and very professional looking. Also, you can see her face clearly, which will allow the interviewer to look directly into her eyes without being distracted.

mandy moore hairstyle
Short Mandy Moore Hairstyle

Short Blonde Hairstyle

This is an excellent short blonde hairstyle that would be perfect for any professional woman that’s going on a job interview. This woman emits classy!

short blonde hair
Short Blonde Hairstyle

Short and Thick Hairstyle

This short hairstyle is jaw dropping. It has professional written all over it and while it is one of those hairstyles that only a few people can pull off, it is definitely worth giving this one a shot!

thick hairstyle
Short and Thick Hairstyle

Extremely Short Hairstyle

This blonde has an excellent hairstyle if you have short hair and you’re going on an interview. This is one of the shortest hairstyles on the list and definitely one of the more professional. Avoid using too much lipstick on job interviews, though.

extremely short hair
Extremely Short Hairstyle

Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle (Original Film)

This blonde woman with short hair is actually a model, so you know she has a very professional and striking short hairstyle. This would be the perfect looking for a job interview, as she has a nice short hairstyle and she hasn’t went heavy on the makeup.

bob haircut
Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Bangled Hairstyle

This is a hairstyle that is extremely popular in Hollywood right now, because it’s a great style. This hairstyle is striking, sexy and professional all at the same time. Therefore, it’s a hairstyle that can be worn for many different occasions. This is also one of the longest hairstyles we’ve included on the list.

bangled hairstyle
Bangled Hairstyle

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