7 Outstanding Star Tattoos for Men and Women

Choosing to go with star tattoos is the perfect way for newbies to start a body art collection, but newcomers aren’t the only ones opting to mark their skin with star tattoos. Stars not only stand alone; they also look dramatic when sprinkled among other tattoos or used to create a starry background for the main tattoo subject. Of all the design ideas ink-lovers come up with, stars have become one of the most versatile and enduring.

But Why Do People Choose Star Tattoos?

Along with reasons that are personal and perhaps private, tattoo lovers typically opt for a star design because they wish to show an affiliation or a love for the symbol itself (star-gazers or astronomy buffs). If you’ve been thinking about star tattoos but don’t quite know if this symbol communicates the message you’d like to send, consider the following reasons people might choose star tattoos.

• A tiny star is an unintimidating start to a tattoo collection.
• As a symbol for individual goals (reaching for the stars).
• Celebrities like Victoria Beckham acquired five star tattoos for her five family members.
• Religious or spiritual symbolism.
• For conceptual themes like hope, light, spirit or truth.

To help you decide, take a look at this small collection of outstanding star tattoos:

Inspirational Star Tattoo

Placed directly over the heart for maximum impact, star tattoos like this one convey a powerful and inspirational message.
inspirational star

Mixed Message?

Stars, cherries, dice, satin and skulls: What do they have in common? Who knows, but mixed together in this intricate full back design, it says a lot about the wearer.

Mixed Message
Mixed Message

Star Face

Not the shy, silent type? Then maybe a set of star tattoos on the face is the way to go. No matter what, it sends a powerful message about the wearer’s bravery and penchant for non-conformity.

star faced
Star Faced

Feet Can Be Stars, Too

For ladies, star tattoos are always at home on the foot or the ankle, like this vividly colorful sprinkling of stars along the outside edge of this girl’s foot.

feet stars
Stars in the Feet

Shhh, It’s a Secret

Well, not really but small and delicate star tattoos behind an ear are mysterious, pretty and make the wearer look special.

secret stars
Secret Star

Sizzling and Sexy Star Tattoo

Whether you are male or female, well-placed star tattoos can look incredibly sexy on the body. Scattered along the ribcage or poised above the waist line, everyone loves a sexy star.

sexy stars
Sizzling and Sexy Star

Nautical Stars and the Compass Rose

While compass rose tattoos aren’t really stars, sometimes the two themes work exceptionally well together. People who want to show their enduring support for the fine traditions of the navy and the sea in general, nautical star tattoos or tattoos of the compass rose provide the perfect venue.

nautical star
Nautical Star

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