7 Design Ideas for Awesome Butterfly Tattoos

Sometimes you have the basic idea of what you want in a tattoo, but aren’t quite sure how you want the finished product to look. This is especially true in the case of popular butterfly tattoos. While it may seem like a simple task to choose a design from the prolific examples of butterfly tattoos currently flooding the body art arena, you’ll be happier with your tattoo if you take your personality and belief system into account beforehand.

In addition to the beauty of butterflies, today’s modern women might choose a butterfly tattoo because of these symbolic associations — as an everlasting symbol of survival, change or dramatic metamorphosis; to showcase an admiration for the Greek myth about the mortal princess “Psykhe” who married the god of love “Eros”; as an illustration for having come full circle from despair to eventual happiness; or to celebrate Chinese lore in which the butterfly is considered a powerful token of marital bliss and conjugal harmony.

To jump start your creativity and help you choose your final design, take a look at these beautiful butterfly tattoos for inspiration:

1. This green and yellow side-view tattoo features a touch of realism combined with whimsy and vibrant earth colors. The colors can be changed to showcase your personal preferences.

green butterly tattoo
Side View Tattoo

2. Soft, sweet and ultra-feminine, this design will bring out the girl in you. Choose soft pastels like rose, sky blue or mint green or get your bold on with vibrant red, dark blues or vivid chartreuse.

Cute-Small Butterfly
Soft Sweet Tattoo

3. If butterflies or butterfly tattoos are truly your kind of thing, consider making a stronger and bolder commitment with a vast array of unique and colorful butterflies on the back, side or tummy. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Little Butterflies
Unique Colorful Tattoo

4. If you want to leave the real world behind and fully embrace your inner whimsy, maybe a stylized butterfly tattoo design will meet your needs. This vivid tattoo combines unique design elements with an assortment of bright, primary colors created to bring out the bearer’s personality.

colourful butterfly
Vivid Tattoo

5. For a more tribal approach to butterfly tattoos, you can have your tattoo artist incorporate the typical thick, black angles that seem to go hand-in-hand with tribal designs. This tattoo features the softness of a simple, small butterfly combined with traditional tribal accents.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

6. Colorful flowers are the perfect accompaniment to the modern woman’s butterfly tattoos. This purple butterfly works especially well with a bold flower in the same hue and looks beautiful placed on a dainty foot or ankle.

purple butterfly
Purple Butterfly Tattoo

7. If you are interested in making as bold a statement about yourself as possible, a well-placed hand tattoo might be the way to go. This vibrant design in red and black tells the world the wearer is not afraid to show off her personality.

hand tattoo
Hand Tattoo

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