5 Cute Lindy Booth Hairstyles

Lindy Booth is one of the cutest actresses in all of Hollywood right now so it’s no wonder that so many people are on the prowl for cute Lindy Booth Hairstyles. Now, it’s not only obvious why we put this list together but it’s also obvious that she has sported out numerous hairstyles over the years that most girls only dream of pulling off. You can now make that dream a reality with the added inspiration of the images below and a good stylist. These work particularly well for those of you that have red hair (just like Lindy Booth does) but also work well for other colors as well. Looking at the pictures below, you’ll notice that she has a very fair skin complex which definitely helps but again, it isn’t necessary. It’s all about making each hairstyle your very own hairstyle.

So, without further delay, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at this awesome list of cute Lindy Booth Hairstyles. Feel free to share the list with your friends or any Lindy Booth fanatics that you may know. Not familiar with who she is? If that’s the case, check out a few of her movies such as the Dawn of the Dead remake, Cry Wolf, and you’ll even find her in Kickass 2. Enjoy the list and again, feel free to share it with everyone!


Lindy Booth Premier Hairstyle

This Lindy Booth Hairstyle works great for big events or movie premiers if you’re a Hollywood hot shot.

lindy booth picture
Lindy Booth Premier Hairstyle

Lindy Booth Relaxed Hairstyle

This Lindy Booth Hairstyle shows off a “relaxed do” and works great all the time!

lindy booth hair
Lindy Booth Premier Hairstyle

Lindy Booth in the film “Cry Wolf.”

Lindy Booth got her big break in the film “Cry Wolf.” This is her hair in that particular film.

original leatherface
Lindy Booth in Cry Wolf

Lindy Booth Blue Shirt

This is a very cute picture of Lindy Booth in a blue shirt with a nice hairstyle.

cartoon leatherface
Lindy Booth Blue Shirt

Lindy Booth in the film “Dark Honeymoon”

This is an old school hairstyle that Lindy Booth somehow easily pulls off.

texas chainsaw 2
Lindy Booth in Dark Honeymoon

So, what did you think of the list? We hope you liked it. A lot of you may not even know who Lindy Booth is but she has been in a ton of good films (mostly in the horror or drama genre) and is sure to take off eventually. She is slowly working her way up the ladder and it seems like every time you turn around, she’s in yet another film of some sort. We hope you’ll take the time to share this list with your friends and film buddies. We also hope you ladies got some added inspiration from the hairstyles above.

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