6 Tips to Make Sure That You Will Love Your Tattoo Ideas in Ten Years

One of the most difficult things about coming up with tattoo ideas is knowing whether or not you are going to like them in the future. We have all seen people with tattoos of bands that they loved when they were 18, which they now cannot stand, or sports team logos from teams that were dominant at the time that they got the tattoo and that are not very good now. A tattoo is forever, so you have to pick something that you know you are going to enjoy. How do you do it?

Horse Design

Before looking at the six tips, it is important to note that the best tactics are going to be different for everyone. Tattoos are an artistic expression, after all. They are a work of art, with the body as a canvas. Just as few people agree on what makes art excellent, they do not have to agree on what makes for the best tattoos.

artistic tattoo

Artistic Design

6 Tips to Make Sure That You Will Love Your Tattoo Ideas in Ten Years

1. Pick something that defines who you are, that is deeper than a current fad. If you are a professional musician, for example, music note tattoos are never going to go out of style for you. It is your life and your livelihood, and it will always be that way. If you are just in a band for the summer, though, music note tattoos could make no sense in ten years.

2. If you want a whole tattoo sleeve, get things that all work together, in terms of the aesthetic appeal. They do not necessarily have to be related images, but the colors and images should somewhat correspond to each other. This way, even if you do not care for a few of the images, you are still going to like the overall effect.

3. Another tactic is to utilize geographical tattoo ideas. If you were born in Texas, that is always going to be true. No matter where you go in life, you will always be someone who came from Texas originally. A tattoo of the state flag or the outline of the state could pay homage to those roots. This works for any state or country.

4. Pick things that have been in style for decades, such as old English letters. Since these old English letters have been around for so long, it is a safe bet that they will still be popular in ten years.

5. Finally, you could include your family. Get a tattoo sleeve that includes you family name or look for tattoo ideas with your family crest. Again, this goes back to who you really are, utilizing facts about yourself that are never going to change, regardless of how you change.

family crest

Family Crest

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