6 Reasons Why Rihanna’s Tattoos Are the Best

Rihanna is one of the most popular singers on the planet and she loves to look the part of a good girl gone bad. Rihanna’s tattoos are just one way the singer rebels against the good girl image, but they are also an extra creative outlet she uses for stylistic self-expression. Some people, mainly those who don’t like body art and modification, think that her tattoos have ruined her great body. If you need to defend the singer’s choice of chest tattoos, wrist tattoos, and all of her other fabulous ink work, here are a couple of reasons why Rihanna’s tattoos are the best.

She Does Not Care What You Think

Another cool thing about Rihanna’s chest tattoo is that it is in such a visible location on her body. Rihanna’s entire career is based on her showing as much skin as possible, and placing such a large piece of ink underneath her breasts means that she does not care what anyone thinks. Other “outrageous” tattoos she has include a gun on her ribs and a neck tattoo that is also highly visible.

She Is Not Afraid of Big Ink in Prominent Places

Rihanna’s most daring piece of ink is an Egyptian-themed chest tattoo of a goddess with highly detailed wings located directly under her breasts. This kind of work means that Rihanna is not just a casual tattoo enthusiast, but fully-committed to making her body a canvas for ink art.

Rihanna chest2

Rihanna’s Chest Tattoo

They Flow With Her Curves

To say that Rihanna is a curvy woman would be an understatement. She is the master of wearing clothes that accentuate her best assets, but she also knows exactly where to get tattoos so that people will pay attention to them.


Rihanna’s Tattoo at her Curves

Rihanna’s Tattoos Act as Accessories

Much like her tattoos that accentuate her curves, Rihanna also has several pieces that act as accessories on her body. She has the word “Shhh” tattooed on her finger, which works better than any ring could. She also has a wrist tattoo that works better than a bracelet and an ankle tattoo that works better than an anklet to bring attention to her jewelry.


Rihanna’s Shhh Tattoo

She Cares About Aesthetics and Meaning

If you take a look at Rihanna’s neck tattoos, you’ll see a cluster of stars that run down from her scalp and down her upper back. If you look elsewhere on her body, you’ll see a bunch of quotes and tattoo fonts that carry deep meaning for the singer. Rihanna has found a way to keep herself inked with a hybrid of beautiful work and with deeply meaningful tattoo quotes

Rihanna’s Tattoos Keep Evolving with Her Look

It seems like every week Rihanna has a new hairstyle or tries out a new look during a performance or music video. Much like the color of her hair, Rihanna’s tattoos are continuously evolving and changing to match her personality and style.

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