6 Powerful One Word Tattoos

They say “a picture paints a thousand words” but there are times when a picture just won’t do. For these occasions, it takes a single word to both conjure a thousand images and express exactly how a person feels. Whether it’s expressing sorrow about a particular event, shining a ray of hope on the future or paying tribute to a person or situation that inspired great change, one word tattoos have become a popular medium for laying bare a soul that has been touched in some great and inspirational way.

While a tattooed image can contain a plethora of subjective interpretations, one word tattoos are uniquely self-defined and offer the wearer a means to reveal his or her inner self in a way that cannot be misunderstood. For this reason and many other more subtle reasons, tattoo lovers are turning to one word tattoos for the ultimate in self-revelation. As an added bonus, design, style and font choice can also contribute to the overall message one word tattoos deliver. If you are considering a tattoo consisting of a single powerful word, take a brief look at these powerful one word tattoos.

Love Stands Alone

Despite an overwhelming use of the word “love” in the tattoo industry it never fails to evoke an emotional reaction. While the word stands alone, you might choose to dress it up with heart accents or delicate filigree.

Love Tattoo
Love Stands Alone

The Power of Forgiveness

Whether you have received forgiveness for a dramatic event or are simply expressing your belief in the concept of forgiveness, this is one of the most powerful and inspirational one word tattoos.

Power of Forgiveness

Express Your Belief

It doesn’t matter what it is you believe or why you might choose this meaningful word as a tattoo; what matters is the strong reaction it often inspires in other people. Whether you “believe” in yourself, another person, or a complex concept, you can express it beautifully with a little well-placed ink.

Express Your Belief

Be Among the Faithful

Faith is a powerful concept and can represent a number of interpretations. No matter what, wearing it proudly inked into your skin lets everyone know that you are among the faithful whether it be faith in spirituality, faith in a person or faith on yourself.

faith tattoo
Be Among the Faithful

Hope Never Dies

While often viewed as a possible companion to popular one word tattoos like faith or love, hope can stand alone and still be a powerful message. Choose a prominent location like hand, arm or neck for maximum effectiveness.

Hope tattoo
Hope Never Dies

It’s the Journey that Matters

A wise old saying goes something like, “It isn’t the destination but the journey that matters.” If this sounds like you, a journey tattoo might be perfect. Since everyone has experienced some form of journey whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical, this has become one of the most powerful and enduring one word tattoos ever developed.

journey tattoo
It’s the Journey that Matters

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