6 Old School Radio Pictures

As you may have noticed, we’ve been doing a lot of throwback style stuff here on SloDive as of late and there’s a reason for this. We absolutely love it! Hopefully, you do too. So, what do we have in store for you today? Well, we decided to put up a few old school radio pictures and see what you think about them. Each one of these radios is cool in their own way and we think that they would be amazing decorative pieces for your home, office, or your private collection. Let’s forget about televisions and tablets and iPods. We want to focus on these cool vintage radios! Sounds like fun, huh? That’s because it is! So, what are you waiting for? We have a lot to show!

While there’s only a few pictures here, each one of them is very powerful. For older generations, they’ll bring back memories. For younger generations, they’ll imitate a trip back in time. For those of you in between, we just hope you appreciate the beauty of these radios. So, without further delay, we invite you to scroll down and check out this list of 6 Old School Radio Pictures. We have a feeling that you’re going to like this list a lot!

Cool Radio

This is one cool vintage radio!

cool radio

Plain Radio

This is a plain radio that we absolutely love.

plain radio

Red Radio

We love the red on this radio!

red radio

Grey Radio

This radio needs some work but we still like it.

grey radio

Wooden Radio

This wooden radio looks magnificent. Don’t you agree?

wooden radio

Unique Radio

This is one of the most unique radios we’ve ever seen!

unique radio

 Were we right? Did you think this list was extremely cool? We certainly hope so! We liked each and every radio on this list and just wish that we had more to show you. If we ever run across more cool radio pictures, we’ll be sure to update this list. So, if that’s something that interests you, bookmark this page and check back in a few months. We can’t make any promises but we’ll most definitely keep our eyes open for more images to add to this amazing list. In the meantime, check out some of our other great lists by visiting one of the links below.

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