6 Josh Ritter Songs with Quotes for Tattoos

Do you love Josh Ritter’s music and are you also thinking of getting some new tattoos? Why not combine these two things that you love into one and get a tattoo with a quote from one of his songs? You will find that he has some terrific lyrics that you can use as tattoos, pulling whole sections out or just using the phrases that you like the most. Scroll down to check out these Josh Ritter songs with quotes for tattoos.



Ultimately, the choice of words will be up to you. It has to be something that connects with you. Your own connection to the tattoo is more important than the style of the art, the tattoo lettering or the colors. You need to make sure that you love it, which is why getting your tattoo quotes from your favorite music is such a good way to go.

6 Josh Ritter Songs with Quotes for Tattoos



1. The Temptation of Adam. This song is about the end of the world, but it is really a love story about two people in a bunker who are thinking about shooting off a nuclear warhead while they fall in love. There are many quotes in it about what it is like to slowly drift into a love that you did not expect.

2. The Curse. This is another song that is a story, but this one is even more bizarre and beautiful at the same time. It is about a mummy who is awakened from his tomb and falls in love with a scientist.

3. New Lover. If you want standard love quotes that you can use, this is a great song to get them from. It is a song written to an old flame about falling in love again. It also just shows a lot of optimism in knowing you will find love again.

new lover

New Lover

4. Me & Jiggs. This is a song about Josh and one of his good friends from when he was growing up, just relaxing and enjoying life. In a world in which it is very easy to feel stressed out all of the time, tattoo quotes from this song will remind you to remember to slow down and have some fun.

5. Kathleen. The opening lines of this song would be especially good for a tattoo, no matter what type of tattoo lettering you want. They are about a man’s love for a girl at a party, and they go like this: “All the other girls here are stars; you are the northern lights.”

6. Lantern. This song is all about how people need to be there for each other when things are tough. It is about relationships, but not necessarily about falling in love. As such, it is advice that anyone could benefit from, and you will remember it if it is written in your tattoos.

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