5 Ways to Fix a Tattoo Disaster

Everyone dreads a tattoo disaster. You have probably seen many pictures of these disasters in the past. Some are due to the tattoos themselves, which are hideous, but most are due to mistakes made by the tattoo artists. These mistakes could include misspellings in tattoo fonts or poorly rendered tattoos made from photographs.

Tattoo Disaster

However, if you are experiencing a tattoo disaster right now, all is not lost. There are a few things that you can do to fix the problem. Do not panic. Instead, just look at the five different options listed below to see what looks like it will work the best for you.

5 Ways to Fix a Tattoo Disaster

1. Have the tattoo removed. This is your first option, but it is costly and sometimes painful. It cannot be done for all tattoos. However, it is the first option because, if it can be done in your case, it allows you to just be finished with the poor art forever. That is the simplest way to erase your problem.

2. Incorporate humor into the design. For example, if something was spelled incorrectly, you could have the correct letters added with editing marks, just like an English teacher would put on a paper in school. This is not a perfect solution, but it is pretty funny if you want to laugh the whole thing off, and it is better than telling everyone that you know it is misspelled when they notice it.


Misspelled Tattoos

3. Cover it with something else. Often, this can be done with a new, abstract design like graffiti. The graffiti can simply be put on as a new tattoo over the first. Since it is supposed to look haphazard and sloppy, it will fit together quite well. In fact, many people may think that that was your intent the whole time, never realizing what really prompted it.

4. Add to the design. Another options is to add other things to the design. There was one famous picture online of a girl who got a tattoo of a moon and two stars, but it accidentally looked like a smiley face. When it was pointed out to her, it was all she could see, so she had more stars added to hide it. The result was more of a night sky than she had originally wanted, but it kept her from being frustrated and annoyed with the art for the rest of her life.

moon and stars

Other Things into the Design

5. Boldly cover the tattoo. People with tattoos of the names of their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends will sometimes just cover right over these tattoo fonts with a new tattoo of a simple black bar. This is a bold tactic for when a relationship just does not work out. However, you do have to have a good sense of humor for this to be an effective solution.

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