5 Tattoo Ideas for Your Thigh

Many of us think about getting larger tattoos on our arms or back, in the form of chest-pieces or sleeves. What if, though, you thought about starting a “stocking” tattoo instead? Many more tattoo ideas could be incorporated on a limb with a larger amount of surface area. Perhaps that is why thigh tattoos are increasing in popularity. Further, thigh tattoos are easy to cover up for work, making them a better investment for many professionals who are loath to seek large pieces on their arms. Let’s face it – the upper part of your leg is an inherently sexy area. Many women love choosing one-of-a-kind designs to decorate their thigh area!

5 Tattoo Ideas for Your Thigh

1. 3D tattoo: woodwork. This thigh tattoo bleeds over a little onto the lower leg, but the size of the piece seems just right for the subject. This incredible tattoo gives the optical illusion of actual carving on the side of the woman’s body. Even though we know this is not possible, it is hard not to do a double-take when glancing at this magnificent piece of body art.


2. Heavy-metal honey. Thigh tattoos do not have to be elegant works of art featuring woodland creatures and fairies. Skulls will do just fine for many men and women, thank you! This thigh tattoo features a dark punk rock emblem featuring incredible black-and-white detail. Notice the difference in a tattoo on the side of the thigh versus one on the front; the appearance is markedly different.

heavy metal

3. Flower tattoos. This large thigh design actually bleeds into the abdominal and hip area. This woman has chosen a bright scene with animals and flowers. Notice the lotus, which is symbolic of awakening and spiritual rebirth. This custom tattoo clearly reflects the woman’s personality and values.


4. Picture portrait. This stunning tattoo featuring a detailed geisha shows the full range of possibilities that exist for thigh tattoos. This person seems to be boasting a full “stocking” of tattoos, with one leg in color and the other in hues of grey and black. This is an impressive design that features an exceptionally executed portrait. Be very discerning when you choose your portrait artist, though; many tattoo artists are not experts at translating faces into body ink. This is a critical distinction that could make the difference between a fabulous and a frightening tattoo experience.

Picture Portrait

5. Line ‘em up. This last example is not restricted to the thigh, but instead travels up the rear of the woman’s leg. These lines are designed to be reminiscent of seams on vintage stockings. Now, you can have that look all the time, with just a simple black line!

Line ‘em up

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