5 Reasons Why Visible Tattoo Designs Shouldn’t Be Taboo

Have you ever had a job that looked down upon employees who showed off visible tattoo designs at work? It can feel like a pretty oppressive place to go every day and do your job correctly. While some things like face tattoos and neck tattoos are a little distracting, unless you’re a tattoo artist, arm tattoos and back tattoos seem like perfectly fine things to display at the office. If you are working at a company that doesn’t approve of visible tattoos, then you may feel ostracized and trapped in your clothes with no place to go. If you need a boost of confidence, here are five reasons why your employer may be in the wrong.

Younger Generations Will Have Tattoos in Droves

Anywhere you look, you will see a group of people as young as teenagers sporting visible tattoos. If major corporations and conservative small businesses want to keep their workforces employed with the best candidates, they can’t afford to not hire people with tattoos.

They Are a Unique Form of Self-expression

Why don’t companies want people to have visible tattoos? The same reason why schools implement dress codes. They feel that cool tattoo designs are a very unique form of self-expression that draws attention away from the task at hand. But a group of professionals in a comfortable setting should not have any problems staying on task and performing work. If they do, they probably have more problems than the people with the tattoos.

Unique Form of Self-expression

Tattoos Aren’t Just for the Fringe Class Anymore

Sailors, bikers and social outcasts used to be the only ones who got tattoos. Today, everyone from athletes and singers to baristas and bicycle messengers sports tattoos. Tattoo designs are not associated with the bottom rungs of society, and it is evident when you see a pretty girl with a short blonde hairstyle with a wrist tattoo.

Tattoos Aren’t Just for the Fringe Class Anymore

Work Shouldn’t Tell You How to Live Your Life

What place does your job have to tell you what to do in your free time? Going to work should be all about performing your job to make a profit for the company and then going home. While some people may like to think that work is a family, there is no room for any of its members to criticize or condemn the lifestyle choices of those in it.

Tattoos Don’t Affect Job Performance

Talk to a freelance graphic designer, web designer or writer and ask him how his tattoos effect his job performance. Chances are pretty good that the answer will be “not at all.” Tattoos have no effect on job performance. The only reason that some bosses don’t like to see tattoos is because they are old-fashioned and think that they don’t look professional.

Tattoos Don’t Affect Job Performance

While you may want to show your tattoos at work and argue with these points, keep them to yourself at first. It’s not worth it to get fired unless you can find another job that does allow you to show them off.

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