5 Authors Who Provide Excellent Love Quotes

Are you looking for some good love quotes? Perhaps you are interested in love quote tattoos, or maybe you just want to find something that you can use as a reading at a wedding. You will be glad to know that there are many quotes that you can find in modern and classic literature if you just know where to look.

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Whether you need short quotes or whole passages, you will be able to find something that strikes a chord with you and the man or woman you love. Authors have a way with words that most people can never hope to find on their own, so borrowing from them allows you to put all of the things that you are thinking and feeling into a single, profound passage that truly expresses your love.

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5 Authors Who Provide Excellent Love Quotes

1. Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway may have been a macho figure who was obsessed with being as rugged and tough as possible, but he also felt passion very deeply. If you look at his novel “Farewell to Arms,” you will find an entire paragraph about the wounded soldier and the nurse that he is in love with that perfectly summarizes their relationship. The soldier, of course, is a young Hemingway.


Ernest Hemingway

2. Andre Dubus. Dubus was mostly a writer of short stories, but they are often poetic and beautiful. He said that he loved short stores because of the way that they mimicked real life, and that is shown in the way he depicts love. The last paragraph in the story “Voices from the Moon” is an ideal example.

3. Emily Dickinson. One of the greatest poets to ever live, Dickinson produced countless short quotes about love that are poignant and touching. You can pick from almost any of her poems for short phrases, or you may even be able to use the entire poem. Some people love to mix and match phrases from different poems, working them together into something unique.

4. C.S. Lewis. Primarily a religious writer, Lewis also wrote a book about how much he loved his wife, who died early from medical complications. While the book is very sad, it also shows how much he cared about her, and some of the love quotes are stronger because of his loss. Make sure that the quote fits the occasion, but, if it does, you can be sure that everyone will love it.

5. Carl Sandberg. Sandberg was a poet who often wrote about Chicago, and he is considered to be one of the best American poets of all time. He wrote only a few poems about love, but the ones that he did write were excellent. Specifically, you can find the material that you need for love quote tattoos if you look at the poem “Under the Harvest Moon.”

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