4 Ways to Find New Tattoo Lettering

Are you looking to find unique tattoo lettering so that you can have a tattoo that really stands out? If you just ask the artist to do your tattoo in a standard font, you are going to get something that looks very similar to many other tattoos that are out there right now. Isn’t the whole idea of getting a tattoo to set you apart from the crowd?

Tattoo Lettering1
Tattoo Lettering

Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can go out and get tattoo fonts that not that many other people have. Often, this does not take long, so you should certainly do it before you go to the tattoo parlor. With a cool saying and unique tattoo lettering, you can get some ink that you will love for years. It will draw people’s attention and start many great conversations.

cool saying

Cool Saying

4 Ways to Find New Tattoo Lettering

1. Talk to a calligrapher. There are many independent calligraphy artists who do commercial jobs, who create art for wedding invitations and who make a living by coming up with new fonts. You can find cursive letters in their font collections and have them write out your tattoo, or, if you would like, you can have them design a new font just for you. These artists will be able to show you portfolios of their work so that you know you will be getting something that you will enjoy.



2. Check out stock font sites. The reason that getting cursive letters and other fonts from a stock site does not mean your tattoo will look like everyone else’s is that most people use these sites to get fonts for projects other than tattoos. They use them for branding their businesses, printing books or in other ways. Not many people use the fonts for tattoos, so you can find thousands of options that no one has used before.

3. Look for older fonts. Try to find tattoo fonts that are considered old or outdated. While old English letters are quite popular, there are many examples of old fonts in books that were published decades or even centuries ago. Look for these fonts instead of common, modern ones if you want to be noticed.

4. Create a font for yourself. Want your tattoo to really be your own? Want it to be something that fits your personality perfectly? You could consider creating your own tattoo lettering that the tattoo artist can use. You do not necessarily have to be an artist already to do this, as there are many online tutorials that can help you with the art of calligraphy. If you made it all up on your own, you know for sure that no one else will have anything even remotely like it.

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