3 Sources of Design Inspiration for Stunning Angel Tattoos

Angel themes are some of the most popular elements in tattoos of today. While angel tattoos appear on people all over the world, it can be difficult to locate unique design ideas for those who long to stand apart from others. Before you head out to the tattoo parlor, it’s a good idea to think about why you have chosen this particular subject matter.

People choose angel tattoos for a variety of reasons. For many, angels might represent love, spirituality or God’s protection. People who have lost a loved one might choose angel tattoos to represent the passage to a higher realm. Angel tattoos or wing designs can represent the inner strength and peace of someone who has survived difficult life challenges. To help you choose your angel tattoo, check out these resources for unique angel design inspiration.

Angel Tattoos Representing Religion


Angel Tattoo
Recently, angel art has returned to themes used in religious illustrations thousands of years ago. These angel tattoos often depict spilled blood or the effects of war waged in the name of God.

• An illustration of an angel and a demon locked in battle to win over the world
• A fallen angel tattoo works well to show off your naughtier side, especially for females
• Angel wings surrounding the body of Jesus on the cross is a great way to declare your faith
• Symbolism like the angel warrior Michael dressed in his combat gear can have a dramatic impact
• The holy Mother Mary against a backdrop of angel wings is another great way to represent faith

Baby Angel Tattoos

baby angel tattoo

Baby Angel Tattoos

Tattoos of baby angels can represent anything from the memory of lost infants to expressions of inner personality to pride in the birth of a child. Beautiful cherubs and mischievous cupids are always popular angel tattoos.

• Sleeping babies with graceful wings make beautiful angel tattoos for women or men
• Tag yourself as an angel with a well-placed angel baby tattoo with folded wings
• Commemorate the birth of a daughter with a baby girl angel tattoo that includes the child’s name
• Go old school and get a simple chubby cherub tattoo with widespread wings

Angel Tattoos that Highlight Wings


Angel Tattoos that Highlight Wings

Sometimes the whole angel is a bit too much, especially for those whose faith lies elsewhere. For people who love the winged aspect of angel tattoos, leave the bodies out and go for the wings.

• A large back piece with wings on either side is bold, dramatic and beautiful
• Small angel tattoos that feature wings look great on arms, shoulders or legs
• Some ladies like to have angel wings tattooed around their navels
• A pair of stylized angel wings can represent all types of symbolism including faith, love or beauty
• Angel tattoos with wings around a sleek wedding band might represent fidelity and eternity

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