16 Wonderful Winter Nail Colors for 2014

Every season, designers all around the world come out with clothes that are specifically designed for that season. Typically, the special seasonal clothes also comes in a specific shades that are designated for that season. Believe it or not, makeup and nail polish people also have specific colors for all four seasons. The colors of the winter are usually the darkest of them all, and woman will buy nail polishes that are designed for the winter.

We have looked all over the fashion world, and have found for you all, 16 Wonderful Winter Nail Colors for 2014. These gorgeous colors are what women will be wearing on their nails for this winter, and they are all amazing and beautiful! Okay, we have said enough because we want to stop talking so you all can get a look at these colors! Are you ready to check out the list of winter nail colors? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Dark Red Nail Polish

Look at these blood red nails painted on a beautifully pale hand! Does the color not look stunning especially with a little bit of flesh tone on the cuticle part of the nail itself?

Dark Red Nail PolishDark Red Nail Polish

Kelly Green Nail Polish

Kelly green is a very popular color to wear in the winter because the shade of it does remind women of Christmas trees.

Kelly Green Nail PolishKelly Green Nail Polish

Navy Blue Nail Color

This particular shade of blue is pretty dark, and sometimes can be mistaken for black, but it is still a gorgeous and popular winter color.

Navy Blue Nail ColorNavy Blue Nail Color

Dark Grey Nail Polish

Grey is not often a popular color in nail polish, but this particular shade of grey is perfect because it has a flat and matted look!

Dark Grey Nail PolishDark Grey Nail Polish

Magenta Nail Color

Magenta is an unusual color, but it is just dark enough to be perfect for the winter weather.

Magenta Nail ColorMagenta Nail Color

Wine Colored Winter Nails

Look at these beautiful shiny wine colored nails, aren’t they just the perfect shade for winter?

Wine Colored Winter NailsWine Colored Winter Nails

Medium Shiny Grey Nails

Check out these medium grey nails that have just a hint of shine to them!

Medium Shiny Grey NailsMedium Shiny Grey Nails

Dark Tan Nail Color

Who says you cannot wear a tan color in the winter? These dark tan nails are lovely, and they will go with any winter outfit.

Dark Tan Nail ColorDark Tan Nail Color

Sparkling Maroon Nails

The winter means a lot of holiday parties, and these sparkling nails are perfect for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

Sparkling Maroon NailsSparkling Maroon Nails

Sparkling Red Nails

Dark red is a nice winter color, but for something with more sparkle, these red nails have some glitter in them!

Sparkling Red NailsSparkling Red Nails

Black Nails with Blue Glitter

Black is fine for winter, but with a little blue glitter mixed in, they are even more festive!

Black Nails with Blue GlitterBlack Nails with Blue Glitter

Black with Silver Glitter Nails

Black and silver go great together, and it almost makes the nails look dark grey, but they are still gorgeous and perfect for an evening of fun.

Black with Silver Glitter NailsBlack with Silver Glitter Nails

Medium Blue Sparkling Nails

Who does not love a shiny blue nail? With these medium blue sparkling nails, a woman can have her blue, and some shine too!

Medium Blue Sparkling NailsMedium Blue Sparkling Nails

Dark Purple Glitter Nails

Wow look at these dark and lovely glitter nails! Who wouldn’t want this color on their nails?

Dark Purple Glitter NailsDark Purple Glitter Nails

Matted Red Nails For Winter

Some women want shine on their nails any time of year, but some pay prefer a more flat and matted nail, and these red matted nails are amazing!

Matted Red Nails For WinterMatted Red Nails For Winter

Milk Chocolate Winter Nails

Are these milk chocolate nails not the tastiest nails you have ever seen? These nails look good enough to eat, and they are beautiful for the winter!

Milk Chocolate Winter NailsMilk Chocolate Winter Nails

So, were we right about the winter nail colors? Did these lovely shades surprise or impress you? If you want to say something about the colors for winter 2014, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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