15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Swallows and Martins signify good omen, wealth and health. These are also associated as old sailor’s tradition of having a common identifiable mark. They are symbolic to sailor’s victory over certain milestones of trade. Swallow tattoos have been seen on people since ages, when they held traditional significance to sailors. It also symbolized hope of family left behind by sailors on mission, that they will come back home one day.

Holding such deep association with humans, Swallow tattoos are still worn with great importance and connections. Traditionally, swallow tattoos were usually worn on chest, because the belief was that swallow will lift the drowning person’s soul to the heavens. However, today these are more of a style statement inspired from old mythology. Swallow tattoos are pretty popular among both the sexes as it can represent beauty and power at the same time. Below are 25 fantastic swallow tattoo designs to inspire you.

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Angel Swallow Tattoo

angel swallow tattoo 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Nice Side Back Angel Swallow Tattoo

Shining Colored Angel Swallow

colored angel swallow 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Lovely Angel Swallow Rendered In Hippy Colors

Devil Swallow

devil swallow tattoo 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Crazy Devil Swallow Tattoo On The Side Back

Tool Lyric Tattoo and Swallow

tool lyric and swallow 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Lyrical Tattoo With Swallow

Old School Swallow Tattoo

old school swallow tattoo 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Swallow Couple Piece For Chest

Swallow Poppy Tattoo

swallow poppy tattoo 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Colofful Large Swallow With Poppy And Initials

Heart Lock And Swallow Key

heart lock swallow key 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Witty Shoulder Piece Of Heart Lock And Swallow Flying With Key

Cute Swallow On Arm

arm swallow tattoo 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Cute Little Swallow Piece On Arm

Flying Swallow

flying swallow 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Rudy Flying Swallow Shoulder Piece

Swallow Memorial

swallow memorial 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Gorgeous Swallow Tattoo In A Memory Of A Special One

Kid Swallow

kid swallow 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Little Birdie On Leg

Amore Ridere Swallow

amore ridere swallow 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Amore Ridere Written On Each Of Two Swallows And Filled With Vibrant Colors

New School Swallow Tattoo

new school swallow tattoo 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Bold And Extravagant New School Swallow Tattoo

Swallows With Cross

swallow with cross 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Divine Symbol Shown With Swallows And Cross

Rose And Swallows

roses and swallows 15 Swallow Tattoo Designs

Angelic Combination Of Roses And Swallows

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