15 Paintings That Will Make You Smile

Though they may not stir up as much emotion as sad art pieces do, happy paintings are great for those looking to smile. In addition to the funny images and happy faces that are often found on them, there are also many metaphoric quotes and sayings, bound to turn anyone’s frown upside down.

So, if you yourself are looking to smile, or are in need of a little pick me up, then look no further. The list below is comprised of 15 paintings that are sure to make your day!

1. A Happy Young Child

Who doesn’t smile when they see a happy young child?


A Happy Young Child

2. Some Very Pretty, Colorful Flowers

The beauty of nature, as well as color.


Some Very Pretty, Colorful Flowers

3. A Very Colorful, Happy Dog

Not only can dogs be a man’s best friend, but paintings of them can also make people smile!


A Very Colorful, Happy Dog

4. A Lovely Tree, Full Of Hearts

There is certainly a lot to love about this photo. In fact, it’s hard to look at it and not smile.


A Lovely Tree, Full Of Hearts

5. Two Happy Snowmen

A nice watercolored painting of two very happy snowmen, standing over some presents and enjoying a nice conversation with each other.


Two Happy Snowmen

6. Clouds Of Love

It is hard not to smile when the sky is full of loving hearts!


Clouds Of Love

7. A Mother Elephant and Her Baby

Reminding us of just how important family is..


A Mother Elephant and Her Baby

8. An Oil Painting Of A Smiling Cow

This cartoony cow is smiling right back at you!


An Oil Painting Of A Smiling Cow

9. Happy Frog Meadows

A very well done painting of some happy frogs, some flowers, a mushroom, and a few butterflies in the meadow.


Happy Frog Meadows

10. Mom and Baby Dolphin

Much like the mother elephant with her baby above, this painting reminds us of just how important family is!


Mom and Baby Dolphin

11. A Smiling Dog Next To A Smiling Cat

Though most dogs would be chasing after the cat, this one seems to be having a grand old time!


A Smiling Dog Next To A Smiling Cat

12. Happy Angels

A few beautiful angels from heaven that make for one big happy painting.


Happy Angels

13. A Very Happy Family

Sometimes all we need in order to smile, is a vintage style painting of an old happy family.


A Very Happy Family

14. Grandparents, Playing Outside With Their Grandchild

This one is great too (especially for those with grandchildren). Not only can they relate to it, but it allows them to reminisce on old memories.


Grandparents, Playing Outside With Their Grandchild

15. A Happy Woman With Her Three Dogs

Wonderfully expressed through this painting, it is truly beautiful how happy the right pets can make people.


A Happy Woman With Her Three Dogs


Now that you have a smile on your face, feel free to check out some other happy paintings online and through other art galleries’ websites. Though the 15 paintings above are the ones we have deemed necessary of being on the list, there are many others as well, that you may also enjoy!

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