15 Easy Nail Art Designs That Look Amazing

Painted nails are pretty, but sometimes plain colors can get a little boring. All of those amazing nail art designs look great, but they can be intimidating and difficult. Right…? Well, not necessarily!

There are some great easy nail art designs out there! Easy nail art designs may not be difficult to create or take forever to finish, but sometimes even simple nail art designs can look amazing. Although you won’t spend hours on these easy nail art designs, that doesn’t mean you won’t be raking in the compliments!

Even beginners can pull off these easy nail art designs…

1. Colorful Polka Dots

These colorful polka dots are fun and easy to do! All you need are a few different colors of nail polish and a dotting tool.

easy nail art designsSource

2. Shades of Pink Nail Design

If you’re looking for easy nail art designs, these cute pink nails are a great simple designs. Different shades of pink on each nail with a striped accent nail look fun and classy.

easy nail art designsSource

3. Glitter Half Moon Mani

Half moon manicures are cute and easy nail art designs. Pink nail are pretty and feminine, and the glitter half moons add some fun sparkle.

easy nail art designsSource

4. Glitter Plaid Nails

A few strategically placed stripes make some cute, creative, and easy nail art designs. The glitter stripe takes these plaid nails a step further.

easy nail art designsSource

5. Colorful Nails With Polka Dots and Tips

Colorful nails can be dressed up into easy nail art designs with soe white tips and black polka dots.

easy nail art designsSource

6. Funky Green Nail Art Design

Diagonal green tips are easy to paint. And you can add some black and green polka dots to take this funky green mani a step further.

easy nail art designsSource

7. Polka Dot Waves Nail Art

You gott love easy nail art designs that look harder than they really are! This pink and blue nail art can be created by painting the halves of each nail a different color. Add a couple rows of polka dots on each side and connect them to the opposite side.

easy nail art designsSource

8. Gold and Blue Nail Art

This easy nail art design is simple to create quickly, and it looks stunning!

easy nail art designsSource

9. Pac Man Nails

When you think of easy nail art designs, Pac Man nails probably don’t spring to mind. However, these are much easier to create than they look!

easy nail art designsSource

10. Music Note Nail Art

Easy nail art designs like these music notes require nothing more than some lines and large polka dots.

easy nail art designsSource

11. Neon Gradient and Black Nails

The black accents make these simple gradient nails a little more interesting.

easy nail art designsSource

12. Different Sized Polka Dots

Polka dot designs are super easy nail art designs. But, you can add a little pizazz to your polka dot nails by making the poka dots different colors and different sizes.

easy nail art designsSource

13. Diagonal Line Triangle Design

The diagonal lines in this easy manicure create triangles at the top of the nails.

easy nail art designsSource

14. Chunky Glitter Manicure

Really easy nail art designs sometimes require nothing more than a nice chunky glitter polish! Just paint it on and you have your own unique and easy nail art designs!

easy nail art designsSource

15. Glitter Gradient Nails

A glitter gradient can be achieved by applying glitter or glitter nail polish heavier at the tips of the nails and lighter toward the bases of the nails. It’s a simple but beautiful look!

easy nail art designsSource

Don’t get caught with boring nails anymore. With a little inspiration from these easy nail art designs, you should be able to add lots of gorgeous and fun designs to your nails without a lot of work. You don’t even need to be an artist to pull off these simple nail art designs, so go get started!

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