15 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Though the weather outside is warm, and getting a lot warmer, the fact is that the first day of summer is not until the third week of June. To celebrate the fact that it is still techically spring, we have found the most amazing pictures of the beach that truly show how amazing beaches are. Are you ready to see the 15 Most Beautiful Beaches In the World?

If you are ready to see pictures of beaches that will make you go grab your bikini and towel? Go ahead and scroll down now and grab some sun tan lotion !

Maya Bay

There are some beaches that are hidden, and Maya Bay in Thailand was a hidden treasure until a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed there. The secret is out, and now Maya Bay is a popular beach for people to visit.

Maya BayMaya Bay

Waikiki Beach

There are some places that are known for their remarkable beaches, and Hawaii is one of them. Waikiki Beach is known as the place where the famous show Hawaii 5-0 was filmed, and is one of the most visited beaches in the world.

Waikiki BeachWaikiki Beach

Surfer’s Paradise

Australia is known as the Land Down Under, but though koala bears and the bush are not only what this amazing country is known for. Believe it or not, Australia has plenty of beaches and is known as a great place for surfers to catch the biggest waves in the world.

Surfer's ParadiseSurfer’s Paradise

Negril Beach

Negril Beach is located in Jamaica, and it is one of the most visited. There are plenty of resorts in Jamaica, but Negril has a little bit of everything for people who want to relax and have fun exploring things like underwater caves and scuba diving.

Negril BeachNegril Beach

South Beach Miami

South Beach is a famous beach in Miami, but it is known for more than its sparkling beach. South Beach turns into quite the party scene when the sun goes down, and is known for its variety of nightclubs that offers fun all night long.

South BeachSouth Beach Miami

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach is known for its association with the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, but there are also a lot hotels located literally right across the street from it, which makes it an ideal place to spend a vacation because of everything that is close to it.

Copacabana BeachCopacabana Beach

Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach is located in Fiji, and other than typical beach activites like surfing and swimming, but also other great things to do like horseback riding.

Natadola BeachNatadola Beach

Pink Sands Beach

Some people go to the beach to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but sometimes beaches can be just as packed! However, the Pink Sands beach in the Bahamas is famous not only for its unique colored sand, but also because of the fact it doesn’t get crowded, which will mean plenty of sand and surf to enjoy.

Pink Sands BeachPink Sands Beach

El Nido

There are some places in this world untouched by the hand of man, and El Nido Beach in the Philippines is literally a lost paradise that is pretty clear of tourists. People can go there and stay right on the beach in a little grass hut, talk about getting away from it all!

El NidoEl Nido


Sidari is located on the amazing island of Greece, and this particular beach has very famous cliffs. Legend has it that if a couple swims in the famous Channel of Love they will be together forever!


Las Islas Cies

Pirates are pretty popular these days, and for anyone that wants to know visit a place that had a lot of pirates, than Spain has an island called Las Islas Cies, which is famous for being a pirate hideout.

Las Islas CiesLas Islas Cies

Red Beach

There is a lot of volcanic acitivty around Santorini in Greece, and the result is the lava making for this blood red sand. The darker the sand, the warmer the water thanks to the absorption of heat.

Red BeachRed Beach

Matira Point

Matira Point is located on the island of Bora Bora. People love to go to Matira Point because of how isolated it is, and they can relax without a lot of tourists being around.

Matira PointMatira Point


Tenerife is located in the Canary Islands, and is the home of a volcano called Mount Teide. People love to visit Tenerife because of the amazing beaches it has, and the volcano adds another tourist element to the area.


Cape Cod

Cape Cod is about to chose to heaven as you can get on earth with its amazing beaches! The white sand and crystal clear water brings thousands of people to this area every year! While on Cape Cod, people also check out famous vacation places like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Cape CodCape Cod

So, did you find your beach towel and bathing suit? If you loved these beaches, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, be sure and check out some of our other great lists!

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