14 Taurus Tattoo Ideas For the Stubborn Bulls

Zodiac tattoos are a great choice for anyone interested in astrology. Taurus tattoos are the obvious choice for anyone born between April 21 and May 20. Taurus is Latin for bull, and it’s the second sign of the zodiac. Taureans are strong, responsible, persistent, driven, and loyal. However, they can also be quite stubborn, materialistic, greedy, and possessive—but channeled properly, those qualities can also be what makes them so successful at times.

Taurus tattoos are a great way to celebrate all of the qualities associated with this powerhouse of a zodiac sign! Whether you’re the stubborn bull or the loyal bull, we’ve rounded up some Taurus tattoo ideas you’re sure to love!

1. Tribal Taurus Tattoo

A simple black tribal Taurus tattoo is bold and strong, perfect for bulls looking for simple yet eye catching tattoo!

Taurus tattoo ideas 1Imgarcade.com

2. Cute Taurus Tattoo Ideas

Taurus tattoos don’t always have to be bold and masculine. If you’re looking for something a little cuter, here are a couple of cartoonish Taurus tattoo ideas. They would be perfect for fun and sassy female Taureans!

taurus tattoo ideas 2TattooBite.com

Taurus tattoo ideas 5Comments20.com

3. Pretty Taurus Tattoo With Flowers

The Taurus symbol is prettied up a bit in this tattoo, with more decorative lines and roses.

taurus tattoo ideas 3Deviant Art

4. Taurus Constellation Tattoo

Not all Taurus tattoo ideas have to be bull or Taurus symbol tattoos. This Taurus constellation tattoo is the perfect example of this. Instead of being an obvious ode to the bu, it uses the starry night sky and the Taurus constellation to depict this earth sign.

Taurus tattoo ideas 4Mociarane.com

5. Paint Splattered Artistic Taurus Tattoo

Taureans can be very creative types. If this describe you, then this paint splattered Taurus symbol tattoo might be a perfect fit for you, as it has a very artistic feel to it!

Taurus tattoo ideas 6Imgbuddy.com

6. Taurus With Steam

Taureans are often large and in charge, just like the bull in this tattoo! There’s no mistaking the symbolism in this tattoo either, since the steam coming out of this bull’s nose spells “Taurus”.

taurus Tattoo ideas 7Tattoo Ideasky

7. Taurus Tattoo on the Ribs

There are several Taurus tattoo ideas out there, but this is one of the most striking. It’s a large bull tattoo placed on the ribs. It would definitely be a good fit for those Taureans who are large and in charge!

taurus tattoo ideas 8Imgkid.com

8. Small Taurus Wrist Tattoo

Taurus wrist tattoos are good choices for Taureans looking for small Taurus tattoo ideas. The Taurus wrist tattoo pictured below also has a band tattooed all around the wrist.

taurus tattoo ideas 9TattoosHunt.com

9. Black and Red Taurus Tattoo

Not looking for a bull or Taurus symbol tattoo? Check out the bold Taurus tattoo below. The red and black lettering is certainly eye catching and decadent—a perfect fit for a Taurean!

Taurus tattoo ideas 10MadScar.com

10. Small Taurus Symbol Tattoo

May babies looking for small Taurus tattoo ideas might want to look at Taurus symbol tattoos, much like the one pictured below. It’s a mroe artistic and fancier version of the basic Taurus symbol.

Taurus tattoo ideas 11Women-Tattoo.net

11. Taurus Tattoo With Stars and Another Zodiac Sign

Combining a Taurus symbol with another zodiac sign is a great way to symbolize a bond or connection with another person, such as a lover, child, or parent. The stars in the tattoo below give it a whimsical touch.

Taurus Tattoo ideas 12Style Craze

12. Red Raging Bull Tattoo

Have you ever seen a Taurean not getting his way? The red raging bull Taurus tattoo below is a pretty good likeness!

Taurus tattoo ideas 13Style Craze

13. Tree and Taurus Tattoo

This Taurus tattoo also incorporates a tree and an Aries zodiac symbol. I’m sure it could also be made without the Aries symbol or with a different zodiac symbol.

Taurus tattoo ideas 14Galleryhip.com

14. Text Taurus Tattoo

This next image isn’t on a human canvas yet, but it’s an amazing Taurus tattoo idea! The unique design of the U’s in the word Taurus make this tattoo subtle, yet creative.

taurus tattoo ideas 15Pinterest

Whether you’re looking for Taurus tattoo ideas for yourself or a loved one, there are certainly plenty to choose from! We also have another list of even more Taurus tattoo ideas, so don’t forget to check them out! You might also like these artistic zodiac tattoos, these Aries tattoos for women, and these awesome Sagittarius tattoos!

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