14 Sweet Lilac Nails for Summer 2015

Lilac nails are sweet and subtle, and perfect nails for summer! This creamy pastel purple color may not be as bold or flashy as some of the other nail art designs, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement. Everyone is sure to notice lilac nails, partly because it’s an unusual nail color but also because of its gorgeous hue.

It’s up to you how simple or complicated your lilac nails are. Whether you’re just looking to see what lilac nails look like or you’re looking for inspiration for some more complicated lilac nail designs, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of our favorite lilac nails for summer 2015!

1. Simple Lilac Nails

You don’t have to get complicated to make a statement with your nails. These super simple lilac nails are very basic, but they’re also eye catching!

lilac nails 1Flickr

2. Lilac Striped Nails

You can get a little more creative with your lilac nails too. Why nit add some stripes with different shades of purple nail polish?

lilac nails 2Fashion Winter Summer

3. Embellished and Studded Lilac Nails

Studs and embellishments on lilac nails are like the icing on the cake. Lilac is a luxurious color anyway, and adding a little bling can take your mani to new heights! I also love the one glitter statement nail in this mani!

lilac nails 3Hail Nails

4. Lilac Nails With One Statement Nail

Speaking of statement nails… This lilac manicure is given a little extra life with one ring finger statement nail painted with a darker glitter purple nail polish. It’s definitely a simple and fun summer look!

lilac nails 4Styleoholic

5. Lilac Nails With Daisies

Okay, so I think these are supposed to be more lavender nails than they are lilac nails, but they look lilac to me. The yellow and white daisies on this manicure give it a sweet, carefree look.

lilac nails 5Styleoholic

6. Lilac Nails With Darker Diagonal Tips

If daisies aren’t your thing, you might like these diagonal darker tips. Just paint your tips, at an angle, a darker color and separate the two colors with some silver nail striping stickers.

lilac nails 6Styleoholic

7. Lace Lilac Nail Art

Now we’re getting a little more complicated with this next example. But, it’s really not as difficult as it looks, and the effect is utterly magnificent!

lilac nails 7Youtube

8. Embellished Stiletto Lilac Nail Art

Pair a trendy lilac nail polish with trendy stiletto nails, and you have a winner! Take it from gorgeous to absolute glam with some rhinestone embellishments!

lilac nails 8Pinterest

9. Lilac Nails With Flowers

If you don’t have the patience to paint your own flowers with a nail striper, there’s no shame in using nail stickers or decals. These nails also have a few rhinestones added.

lilac nails 9All Fashion and Make Up

10. Lilac and Teal Leopard Nails

Teal nails are also a hit this summer! This lilac and teal leopard nail art design is a great way to bring these two cool colors together!

lilac nails 10Rara Reid

11. White and Black Flower Nail Art Over Lilac

Black leaves and white flowers add a little something extra to these lilac nails.

lilac nails 11JoAnne’s Nails

12. White and Lilac Chevron Nails

Again, I’m a big fan of the single statement nail, but this lilac and white nail design could also go on all of your nails.

lilac nails 12Tumblr

13. Black and White Chevron Statement Nail

The black and white chevron statement nail makes this lilac mani pop!

lilac nails 13Yelp

14. Lilac and white Polka Dot Nails

All you need for this sweet and simple lilac mani is some lilac nail polish, white nail polish, and a dotter tool. It would be fun for a picnic or day at the beach.

lilac nails 14Nails for Nickels

Lilac nails look great on any type of nails—long, short, square, squoval, and stiletto! It’s also a nice feminine look for spring and summer this year. Need a little more inspiration? You might also like these pretty pastel nail designs and these pretty purple nail designs.

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