14 Examples of Cool Ring Tattoos

Have you ever lost a ring? You may have misplaced it when you went to bed and can’t find it in the morning. You may have taken it off at the gym and had it stolen. You may have even lost it to the garbage disposal if you’re a truly unlucky soul. Losing a ring can be like losing a huge investment, unless you bought it from a vending machine. Losing a ring can even take a toll on your marriage if you happen to lose an engagement ring or wedding band that is full of symbolism.

One ring you will never lose, and will stay on your finger forever, is a ring tattoo. More people are getting ring tattoos instead of forking over huge amounts of cash for jewelry because they are stylish, totally customizable and will never slip off and get lost. They only way a ring tattoo can go away is if it fades, and even then it’s easy to visit a tattoo parlor for a touch-up. If you are looking to ditch the traditional jewelry route and give yourself a ring tattoo, here are 14 examples to get you started.

Infinity Symbol Ring Tattoo

If you are getting married, you may have realized that a diamond is just a rock. It doesn’t really have any meaning other than that given to it by the jewelry industry. On the other hand, an infinity symbol tattoo literally means “forever” and will look good on the fingers of you and your spouse.

Infinity Symbol1
Infinity Symbol Ring Tattoo

Diamond Engagement Ring Tattoo

If you must get a diamond symbol, why not get it tattooed on instead of purchasing a rock for $3,000. Getting a tattooed diamond engagement ring tattoo is more customizable than going to a jeweler and even allows you to get initials tattooed on the finger as well.

Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring Tattoo

Tribal Ring Tattoo

If you have a tribal style ring, there is a good chance that it is either very cheap or very expensive. Instead of wearing cheap jewelry, or taking the chance at losing a cool and valuable accessory, get the tribal tattoo design on your ring instead.

Tribal Ring
Tribal Ring Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

Getting a ring tattoo can be dramatic and serious, but it can also be light and whimsical. Daisies, sunflowers, even roses can be inked on your finger to make a cool ring tattoo.

Flower Tattoo

Short Quote Tattoo

When you are getting a quote tattoo on your finger, it has to be short because there is not a lot of real estate around. If you get a quote tattoo with another person, a spouse or a significant other, you can double the amount of real estate and create a bond with each other that penetrates beneath the skin.

Religious Symbol Tattoo

Ring tattoos can show of your devotion to another person, and they can also show of the faith you have to a religion. Getting a religious symbol tattoo is a much more powerful way to express your faith than by simply wearing another accessory.

Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman numerals as a ring tattoo are a great way to commemorate an important date like a wedding anniversary, birthday, death or other special occasion that you hold dear.

Roman Numeral
Roman Numeral Tattoo

Cool Skull Tattoo

While most of this list focuses on serious dedications, your ring tattoo can get a little darker as well. Get a full-blown skull tattoo if you are part of a heavy metal band, a biker, or someone who appreciates embracing his or her inner dark side.

Heart Tattoo

A simple heart tattoo on your ring finger is a great way to show that your own heart is always open and that you are always open to accepting the love of others.

Heart Tattoo

Bow Tattoo

Do you consider your finger, or yourself a Christmas present to the world? What better way to show yourself off than by putting a bow on your ring finger?

Ace of Spades Tattoo

Whether you are a fan of Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, or the song by the band Motorhead, nothing shows that you like to take chances against the odds more than getting an Ace of Spades ring finger tattoo.

Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades Tattoo

White Ink Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is still somewhat of a cultural taboo in our society. If you are looking to get a ring tattoo, but don’t want to feel stigmatized by your work colleages, consider getting one in white ink. These are barely noticeable and almost look like mild scars more than tattoos, plus you’ll always get the special meaning behind it.
White Ink
White Ink Tattoo

Knot Tattoo

If you are a sailor of the high seas, or just enjoy fishing at your local lake, you should consider getting a knot tattoo that represents your love of the water.

Cool Design Ring Tattoo

Your ring tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. Any cool abstract, geometric or calligraphic design you can think of will transorm your finger and your hand into a work of art.

Before getting a ring tattoo, make sure you are absolutely sure about the commitment it takes. Ring tattoos and other finger tattoos tend to fade more quickly than others, so be prepared to visit your tattoo artist for touch-ups on occasion.

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