14 Bodacious in Blue Hairstyles

These days, women can dye their hair any color of the rainbow including blue. However, while some women are happy with their whole head being blue, others like to do things with it and make the blue hairstyle uniquely their own.

Take a look at these 14 Bodacious in Blue Hairstyles, and once you get done looking at this list, you’ll be heading for the nearest hair salon for some blue streaks in your hair or your whole head dyed blue. Have a look at these mega cool blue hairstyles! Scroll down now to begin!

Blue Hairstyles 1

This young lady wants to keep her hair dark, but she decided to make her hairstyle more exciting by coloring the ends of her hair a sort of turquoise blue. What do you all think of this? The hairstyle looks sort of futuristic, does it not?

Blue Hairstyles 1Blue Hairstyles 1

Blue Hairstyles 2

This super girl has long hair, but she has decided to color her hair half blue and half black! She looks absolutely stunning with her hair like this and almost looks like something out of a cartoon.

Blue Hairstyles 2Blue Hairstyles 2

Blue Hairstyles 3

Here is a photo of a young woman that dyed her whole head blue, but she also cut it in a pretty cool style that looks like something out of the 1960s.

Blue Hairstyles 3Blue Hairstyles 3

Blue Hairstyles 4

This young woman looks like a rock star with her dark black hair, but with blue hair around her face. Does she not remind you of a famous musician?

Blue Hairstyles 4Blue Hairstyles 4

Blue Hairstyles 5

This young woman wanted her whole head blue, and the shade of blue she chose was pretty dark. If you notice in the light, some of her hair looks pretty light, but the rest of it looks dark. Cool color contrast right?

Blue Hairstyles 5Blue Hairstyles 5

Blue Hairstyles 6

For a woman that has blonde hair, adding blue to it will really make the hairstyle special. The blue is only around the front and sides of her hair, but it looks amazing mixed in with the platinum blonde hair.

Blue Hairstyles 6Blue Hairstyles 6

Blue Hairstyles 7

Blonde hair can really be fun to have, bt just adding a big blue streak in the front can be a lot of fun.

Blue Hairstyles 7Blue Hairstyles 7

Blue Hairstyles 8

Who says blondes are the only ones that can have fun? This brunette has an amazing cut, but she gave it a slightly punk twist by adding some light blue coloring to the front of it.

Blue Hairstyles 8Blue Hairstyles 8

Blue Hairstyles 9

Even some of the most famous people in the world love to do crazy things to their hair, and one famous celebrity that colors her hair evey color of the rainbow is popstar, Katy Perry. She has both pink and blue in her hair, and she looks fantastic!

Blue Hairstyles 9Blue Hairstyles 9

Blue Hairstyles 10

This young woman dyed her whole head blue, but just to make her hairstyle more fun, she put in some blond streaks in her bangs!

Blue Hairstyles 10Blue Hairstyles 10

Blue Hairstyles 11

Here is another famous person that put some blue in her hair. Juliette Lewis is a talented actress that has been known to do things her own way including her hair!

Blue Hairstyles 11Blue Hairstyles 11

Blue Hairstyles 12

What an amazing picture of blue hair! This young woman died her whole head a light blue color, braided it, and then added some blue lipstick to give herself an amazing punk rock look.

Blue Hairstyles 12Blue Hairstyles 12

Blue Hairstyles 13

Hair can be dyed blue, but if you mix it in with other colors it can look even better. this young woman decided to add soe pink and green to her hair.

Blue Hairstyles 13Blue Hairstyles 13

Blue Hairstyles 14

Some women like to do subtle things to their hair, and this young lady decided to add in some light blue streaks to her hair, but it blends in so well you can barely tell!

Blue Hairstyles 14Blue Hairstyles 14

So, what did you think of these blue hairstyles? Are you ready to go for a blue hairstyle of your own? If you liked what you saw, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page with a brand new list in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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