14 Awesome Easter Egg Ideas

Spring means Easter, and Easter means decorating eggs! If you’re bored with the conventional and simple Easter egg decorating ideas, maybe it’s time to get a little wild and crazy with you Easter egg ideas!

There are lots of great ways to decorate Easter eggs besides just dipping them in dye. You can use paint, tape, and even glitter and other embellishments to create some pretty awesome Easter eggs!

Check out these pretty sweet Easter egg ideas for a little inspiration…

1. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Chalkboard Easter eggs are definitely unique and creative, as well as so trendy right now!

easter egg ideasImage Source

2. Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Sprinkling glitter or colored sugar onto circles of glue creates a fun glittery polka dot effect!

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3. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

I you’re looking for creative Easter egg ideas that are super easy, try using some temporary tattoos to decorate your eggs. Just apply them as you would on your skin.

easter egg ideasImage Source

4. Galaxy Easter Eggs

Smudging shades of blue, purple and orange paint onto eggs and splattering them with specks of white creates some out of this world galaxy Easter eggs!

easter egg ideasImage Source

5. Strawberry Easter Eggs

These fun and fruity Easter egg ideas are sure to get at least a few compliments from your family and guests!

easter egg ideasImage Source

6. LEGO Easter Eggs

These LEGO Easter egg ideas are pretty amazing and perfect for a fun filled holiday!

easter egg ideasImage Source

7. Marbled Easter Eggs

Rolling Easter eggs around in different colors of paint create these awesome marbled Easter eggs!

easter egg ideasImage Source

8. Kiss Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for some wicked rockin’ Easter egg ideas, all you really need are a few sharpies to create the iconic faces from Kiss!

easter egg ideasImage Source

9. Minions Easter Egg Ideas

Minions fans can appreciate these super adorable Easter egg ideas for Minions!

easter egg ideasImage Source

10. Negative Space Easter Eggs

Stickers placed on eggs before being dipped into dye can create some pretty cool negative space Easter egg designs!

easter egg ideasImage Source

11. Plaid Easter Eggs

Tape stuck to the eggs when dyed can create an interesting plaid pattern on the surface.

easter egg ideasImage Source

12. Rubber Cement Easter Egg Designs

Drizzle rubber cement on eggs before dying them to create a pretty awesome and unique Easter egg pattern!

easter egg ideasImage Source

13. Silk Scarf Dyed Eggs

You can use more than food coloring and Easter egg dye packets to create beautiful colored eggs. These eggs were created using brightly colored silk scarves and hot water.

easter egg ideasImage Source

14. Yarn Wrapped Eggs

If you’re looking for truly unique and unusual Easter egg decorating ides, check out these yarn wrapped eggs!

easter egg ideasImage Source

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