12 Outstanding Orlando Bloom Hairstyles

The world first met Orlando Bloom when he starred in the smash hit Lord of the Rings movies. Orlando Bloom played an elf named Legolas, and his blue eyes, and beautiful blond hair, made everyone in the world swoon. Since that time, Orlando Bloom has starred in hit movies including Troy with Brad Pitt, and the first three Pirate of the Caribbean movies. For every role he has done, Orlando Bloom has had a different hairstyle, and some of them have been quite unique.

To show you all the many ways that Orlando Bloom has changed his hair, we have gathered up 13 Outstanding Orlando Bloom Hairstyles. We know that you all are going to love seeing Orlando Bloom with his many hairstyles, and you may even decide to pop one of his DVDs into the player. Okay, we have said more than enough. Are you all ready to check out the list of Orlando Bloom hairstyles? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Black and White Orlando Bloom with Fluffy Curly Hair

Oh my, look at all of that fluffy curly hair Orlando Bloom is sporting. How many of you all just want to touch that hair?

Black and White Orlando Bloom with Fluffy Curly HairBlack and White Orlando Bloom with Fluffy Curly Hair

Orlando Bloom Brunette Curly Hair

Some men have curly hair, but keep it cut short to control the curls. However, Orlando Bloom looks amazing with his curls!

Orlando Bloom Brunette Curly HairOrlando Bloom Brunette Curly Hair

Orlando Bloom Buzzed Hair and Mohawk

Sometimes its fun to do crazy things to your hair, and here Orlando Bloom is sporting a cute mohawk!

Orlando Bloom Buzzed Hair and MohawkOrlando Bloom Buzzed Hair and Mohawk

Orlando Bloom Straight Hair

Men always look handsome and sexy when they grow their hair out, and Orlando Bloom looks very sexy with his hair like this.

Orlando Bloom Straight HairOrlando Bloom Straight Hair

Orlando Bloom Spiked Hair

Spiked hair can be fun because it gives a vibe of being a little on the punk rocker side, which is awesome!

Orlando Bloom Spiked HairOrlando Bloom Spiked Hair

Orlando Bloom Long Curly Hair

When Orlando Bloom lets his hair grow out, the curls really show!

Orlando Bloom Long Curly HairOrlando Bloom Long Curly Hair

Orlando Bloom Shaggy Curly Hair

Not every man has the features to wear a shaggy curly hairstyle, but in this picture, Orlando Bloom looks amazing in his shaggy do!

Orlando Bloom Shaggy Curly HairOrlando Bloom Shaggy Curly Hair

Orlando Bloom Curly Hair with Middle Parted Bangs

Curly hair can be wild and free, but if it is combed, and in this case parted in the middle, it can be tamed!

Orlando Bloom Curly Hair with Middle Parted BangsOrlando Bloom Curly Hair with Middle Parted Bangs

Orlando Bloom Dark Messy Hair

Some men like to leave the house with the messy hair look, or the wind blown look, and Orlando Bloom really looks attractive with his hair a bit messy.

Orlando Bloom Dark Messy HairOrlando Bloom Dark Messy Hair

Orlando Bloom Wet Short Hair Parted Sideways

The wet look is really in, and here Orlando Bloom has his combed neatly and parted to the sidee!

Orlando Bloom Wet Short Hair Parted SidewaysOrlando Bloom Wet Short Hair Parted Sideways

Orlando Bloom Tall Bangs

For men with long bangs, combing them up to look pretty tall can really give them a unique hairstyle, and Orlando Bloom has tall bangs in this picture!

Orlando Bloom Tall BangsOrlando Bloom Tall Bangs

Orlando Bloom Short Hair with Curly Bangs

Men can look amazing when they really try to look good, and here Orlando Bloom has his short hair combed, but has his bangs left long and curly.

Orlando Bloom Short Hair with Curly BangsOrlando Bloom Short Hair with Curly Bangs

So, were we right about how different Orlando Bloom has had his hair over the years? Did these hairstyles surprise or impress you? If you have anything to say, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below for you all to check out. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the party started!

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