13 Ideas for Newsprint Nail Designs

Newsprint nail designs are creative and eye catching. Nails with newsprint designs look just like a page from a newspaper. Well, except the text is backwards and can be read in the mirror, but they still have a wow factor!

Newspring nail art may look super complicated, but it’s actually super easy! All you need is a nail polish, newspaper, alcohol, and top coat. (See where I’m going with this?) Start by applying a couple coats of a light color, usually white, and let it dry thoroughly. You can actually skip this step and use a clear top coat instead, but the nail polish give the newsprint a nice base and make it more noticeable. Soak a small piece of newspaper with alcohol, and press it onto your nail for a few moments. The side of the newspaper with the design should be pressed against your nail. When you remove the newspaper, the print should have transferred to your nail and you can protect it with your clear top coat. It’s that easy!

Although most newsprint nail designs involve simple text on a white background, there are actually lots of different ways to get newsprint nails! Here are 13 newsprint nail designs that…well, nailed it!

1. Basic Newsprint Nail Design

Let’s start with a basic newsprint nail design. This design uses a white nail polish as a base color and plain text for the newsprint nails.

newsprint nail designs 1Youtube

2. Burned Newsprint Nail Designs

Whoa! Here are some newsprint nails for those of you feeling a little daring. These look super complicated to create, but their actually quite easy. The burned edges of the newspaper are created by sponging on black and brown nail polish.

newsprint nail designs 2Youtube

3. Crooked Newsprint Nails

Your newsprint nail designs don’t have to be straight at all. You can have the text going at the same angle on each nail, or you can place the newspaper at a different angle on each nail to create a more chaotic look, like the image below.

newsprint nail designs 3Chic Factor Gazette

4. Dripping Ink Newsprint Nails

I love dripping nail art designs and newsprint nail designs both, so this nail art design is one of my favorites! To create this look, start with a basic newsprint nail design and use a dotting tool to create drips with black nail polish. You can use other colors for the dripping effect, but the black nail polish makes it look like spilled ink.

newsprint nail designs 4Youtube

5. Newsprint Nail Tips

Who says you have to use newsprint nail designs on your entire nail? This manicure utilizes the newsprint nail art on just the tips of the nails and still looks stunning. The little rhinestones near the cuticles give these nails a little extra sparkle!

newsprint nail designs 5Youtube

6. Ombre Newsprint Nail Designs

If basic white isn’t your thing, try sponging on a gradient of light colors to create cute ombre nails first. It makes it a little more colorful and fun. This manicure uses a pink and white gradient, but you can use just about any light colors.

newsprint nail designs 6Style Caster

7. Fade to Black Newsprint Nails

For a darker look, try these newsprint nails! You can replicate this look by painting each nail a different color of gray, moving from light to dark and ending with black. You can also create a sponged gradient of dark colors.

newsprint nail designs 7Manicurity

8. Newspaper Crossword Puzzle Nails

Don’t feel restricted to bring text on your newsprint nails either. These cute newsprint nail designs utilize the solved crossword puzzle of the newspaper. You can also use small pieces of the comics section as well, or just about any other design that will fit on your nails!

newsprint nail designs 8Polish Your Pretty

9. Bejeweled Newsprint Nail Designs

Give your newsprint nail designs a little bling with some sparkly rhinestones! You can add rhinestones just about anywhere n your newsprint nails. The newsprint manicure below has rows of rhinestones running straight across the nail and diagonally across the nail.

newsprint nail designs 9Nail Art Gallery

10. Colorful Newsprint Nail Designs

As mentioned above, you don’t have to use white as a base color for your newsprint nails. You can use just about any light color, including yellow, sky blue, pink, lilac, or mint. You can use newsprint nails over neon colors to make some fun summer nails!

newsprint nail designs 10DIY Ready

11. Newsprint Nail Designs With Decals

Add a fun design element to your newsprint nails with some decals! These newsprint nails use lip decals, which look super cute, but you can use just about any decals you want!

newsprint nail designs 11The Nail Network

12. Metallic Silver Newsprint Nails

These newsprint nails look amazing with the metallic silver nail polish! A Korean newspaper was used as well, which makes these newsprint nails even better!

newsprint nail designs 12Luuux (Judy Lee)

13. QR Code Nails

Here’s another example of newsprint nails with something other than text. The designs on these nails are create using the QR codes found near some advertisements, and they create a really interesting pattern on the nails. I’m sure you could even use the QR codes to create something like camo nail designs.

newsprint nail designs 13Youtube

These newsprint nail designs sure made me see newsprint nail designs in a whole new way! Don’t be afraid to ,give newsprint nails a shot. They’re simple to do, and if you make a mistake when applying the newsprint, it wipes right off with a little alcohol. You can apply, remove, and reapply newsprint to you nails as many times as you like!

If you loved these newsprint nail designs, make sure you check out these zebra print nail designs and these black and white nail designs!

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