12 Spectacular Sunrise Pictures

The sunrise is an amazing time of the day, and some people drag their bottoms of bed long enough to enjoy the beauty that is the start of a brand new day! However, not everyone can get up so early, and with that in mind, we have found pictures of 12 Spectacular Sunrises!
Are you ready to check stunning sunrise pictures? Well then scroll down and get started!

Barn Sunrise

When the sun comes up, and you live on a farm, then the dawn signals that it is time to get up and start doing chores!

Barn SunriseBarn Sunrise

Beach Sunrise

Everyone loves to go to the beach, and being on the beach as the sun is going up and be quite beautiful.

Beach SunriseBeach Sunrise

Desert Sunrise

Some people think that the desert is barren and desolate, but this sunrise over the desert photograph proves that there is beauty in the desert after all.

Desert SunriseDesert Sunrise

Fire Sky Sunrise

Thanks to some clouds in the sky, the sunrise looks like it is so intense that it is setting the sky on fire!

Fire Sky SunriseFire Sky Sunrise

Foggy Mountain Sunrise

This sunrise picture was taken at the top of a mountain, but there is fog all over it, which makes it look like a whole different world doesn’t it?

Foggy Mountain SunriseFoggy Mountain Sunrise

Frosty Sunrise

Even in the middle of the winter, the sunrise still happens, and when the light hits the frost, it makes everything seem desolate and abandoned.

Frosty SunriseFrosty Sunrise

Island Sunrise

This sunrise picture had to be taken from the deck of a boat floating in the middle of the ocean, but it was worth it to capture such a gorgeous dawn.

Island SunriseIsland Sunrise

Island Sunrise with Bird

Sunrise is such a special time that even the birds want to see the sun come up. This photo shows a bird checking out the rising sun and welcoming the day.

Island Sunrise with BirdIsland Sunrise with Bird

Mountain Sunrise

The rays of the sun are bursting out from behind this mountain, and the picture is truly stunning.

Mountain SunriseMountain Sunrise

Mountain Sunrise with Fog

The warmth of the sun drives away the fog, and while the fog is escaping, someone took a picture of the fog coming down from a mountain top.

Mountain Sunrise with FogMountain Sunrise with Fog

Sunrise through Trees

The sun is a golden orange balloon peeking through the trees, and the branches almost look like fingers waving at the rising sun.

Sunrise through TreesSunrise through Trees

Water Sunrise

Any time the sun rises over water, it can look magical, and this water sunrise picture is no exception.

Water SunriseWater Sunrise

What did you think of the beautiful sunrises? Where they not stunning and spectacular? If you were happy with what you saw, don’t be shy! Go ahead and leave us a comment below. However, that is just the beginning of the lists we have, if you want to see more then click on one of the links below!

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