12 Sensational Soccer Tattoo Pictures

The world has soccer fever right now, but there are times when people do love and follow soccer other than with the World Cup. Some people follow soccer all year long, and even get a tattoo to show their soccer loyalty.

In honor of all the World Cup Soccer Games, we have gathered a list of 12 Sensational Soccer Tattoo pictures, and we hope that you really enjoy them, and perhaps if you are a soccer fan, you can find a soccer tattoo of your very own! Let’s get started shall we? Go ahead and scroll down now!

Soccer Tattoo 1

For a woman, an interesting place to get a soccer tattoo may be the side of the foot. Does this tattoo not look dainty yet pretty at the exact same time?

Soccer Tattoo 1Soccer Tattoo 1

Soccer Tattoo 2

The fun thing about soccer ball tattoos is that people can get really creative with how they do them. This person took a bird and combined it with a soccer ball, and the result is a really neat tattoo!

Soccer Tattoo 2Soccer Tattoo 2

Soccer Tattoo 3

This is a rather unusual tattoo because it shows that this person is both a fan and a player of soccer.

Soccer Tattoo 3Soccer Tattoo 3

Soccer Tattoo 4

Every country has a soccer team because it is the most popular sport all around the world. This fan roots for the Italian soccer team, and his tattoo shows it proudly!

Soccer Tattoo 4Soccer Tattoo 4

Soccer Tattoo 5

Some people prefer to have a smaller more discreet tattoo, and this person decided to put the tattoo in the center of his back instead of in a more obvious place on his body.

Soccer Tattoo 5Soccer Tattoo 5

Soccer Tattoo 6

This person not only supports soccer, but the team from Ireland. The tattoo has beautiful green leaf clovers in addition to a soccer ball.

Soccer Tattoo 6Soccer Tattoo 6

Soccer Tattoo 7

Women can be into tattoos just as much as men, and this woman wanted a soccer tattoo on her ankle. The simple yet elegant tattoo shows off her love of the game of soccer in a beautiful way.

Soccer Tattoo 7Soccer Tattoo 7

Soccer Tattoo 8

Since soccer is played with the feet, some people like to get their soccer tattoos right on the top of their feet!

Soccer Tattoo 8Soccer Tattoo 8

Soccer Tattoo 9

The flag of Brazil can be seen in this amazing and colorful soccer tattoo.

Soccer Tattoo 9Soccer Tattoo 9

Soccer Tattoo 10

There is a professional soccer team in the United States, and this person wanted to show their support of it by having a tattoo on the side of their foot.

Soccer Tattoo 10Soccer Tattoo 10

Soccer Tattoo 11

A simple soccer ball can be used for a tattoo, and here is one great example.

Soccer Tattoo 11Soccer Tattoo 11

Soccer Tattoo 12

Many people want to display their loyalty to a soccer team on their chests, and this man supports the team from America.

Soccer Tattoo 12Soccer Tattoo 12

So, what did you think of these really cool soccer tattoos? Were you impressed with the skill of these tattoo artists and devoted soccer fans? If you were impressed, please be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one to let the party get started! Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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